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Aisle Be Damned

Back at the bar, Jack tells Lemon she's wearing a young boy's puberty dashiki, but she corrects him that it's a warlord's concubine dashiki. Avery joins the riveting conversation. Lemon panics and blusters about how not-shocked she is, and how appropriate Avery's arrival and pregnancy are. Jack averts a bad situation by telling Lemon that Carol has returned. She runs and leaps over a table to talk to him. He tells her he left his passengers waiting on the runway because he realized that he's single at 39 for a reason -- he's been too picky. He knows now that no one is perfect, and that if Lemon's only flaws are her weird speeches and foot issues, then he'd still like to give this relationship a shot. She happily accepts and promises she has medicine for the foot thing. She takes it perhaps a step too far when she claims to be normal. At which point Jenna and Cher Baloney Lastname walk up to thank her for encouraging their love. Carol doesn't care, though, because he's too ecstatic to be meeting "one-and-a-half Jenna Maroneys."

Kenneth interrupts the meet-and-greet when he drunkenly takes the microphone and breaks the news that he's been fired. He slurs the most dramatic speech he can imagine: "You won't have Kenneth Ellen Parcell to kick around anymore, so I want to tell you people what I really think of you. For four long years, I have listened to you all complain about your East Coast media elite problems, your apartment renovations, and your overpriced Star Wars memorabilia. I have watched you throw away better food than my family has at Christmas! And I have loved it! You people, you are my best friends, and I hope you get everything you want in life. So kiss my face! I'll see you all in Heaven! Have a wonderful summer!"

Bonus: A gospel choir sings as everyone happily dances. Jack and Avery laugh about their bright, ruthless future child; Carol does his running man and airplane dance moves for Lemon, and shirtless Tracy crosses the stage with a hoedown. With so much joy in the room, I don't think I can say it any better than Kenneth -- and who ever can, really? -- so have a wonderful summer!

Love for Mommies
Jack: What can I say, Nancy? I want to be with you. I want to take naps with you. I want to watch you watch a hockey game. I want to find long red hairs in my overcooked pot roast. I love you. I do love you because you know that who I really am is a poor mama's boy from Sandchester, Massachusetts, who had to wear his sister's hand-me-down corduroys.

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