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Aisle Be Damned

Jack: You can't control everything, Avery. Sometimes it's just fate.
Avery: Is there gay juice in the champagne?
Jack: You see? I want you to teach our child to say awesome stuff like that!

Lemon: You know what? Forget men. We've got each other.
Jenna: Yeah... let's go lez!
Lemon: No. I meant like, a book club or something. Geez.

The Start of Something Beautiful
Lemon: Carol, what are you doing here? How did you get past security?
Carol: You walk briskly in a pilot's uniform, you can go pretty much anywhere. I've been upstairs at the White House while the Obamas were sleeping.
Lemon: I thought you had a flight?
Carol: Yeah, I do. Those dirt bags can wait on the runway a couple more hours.
Lemon: I hate people, too!

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