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Chasing Tracy
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Lemon and Kenneth march into Tracy's dressing room to interrogate Grizz and Dot Com about Tracy's whereabouts. They play coy, so Kenneth pulls out a knife and says, "We have ways of making people talk..." Then he pulls out an apple and continues, "By giving them fresh apple slices." Lemon plays bad cop, saying the show is on the line. Dot Com agrees that they want Tracy back, too. "Do you know how much our Cobra payments are?" he asks, adding, "And he's the only one who knows the combination to the candy safe." Pan over to a clear safe holding scads of candy. Grizz chagrins, "The worst part is being able to see the candy!" Lemon threatens to stop letting them use her office for their history club. "That's ironic," says Dot Com, "because next week's topic is fascism." They pound it out as Lemon gives them the side eye. She leaves, shutting the door in Kenneth's face. Credits.

Lemon heads to Jack's office so they can powwow about more possible ways to find Tracy. Jack says Kenneth should just Skype Tracy, but Lemon tells him Tracy is the one to initiate contact -- and only on special occasions. She tells him there's a chance he'll call tomorrow for his lizard Jeremy's birthday. Other than that, there only lead is the local pizza box she spotted in Tracy's last Skype session. She says they traced the phone number to a pizzeria in Queens. "Listen to me," she quips, "I sound like Cagney and Lacey, but without the slutty clothes." Jack tells Lemon she has to find Tracy because the show works with him. It's all part of Jack's new plan to fix NBC by making only shows that work. Gone are the days of shows like Who Nose?, about an olfactory-deficient detective who must use every sense but smell to solve crimes, and Dad 2.0, about a father who programs a computer to take care of his son after he's gone.

Down in the studio, Pete is getting interrogated by the crew members when Tracy is coming back. One in particular named Reggie (Rob Riggle), calls Pete a "bald bitch" and razzes him with such classics as "That's what your wife told me in the shower this morning." Hey-oh! Pete acknowledges that he's been bald -- ever since he hit that gypsy's kid with his car -- but insists he's still the boss. Instead of subservience, he gets a guy coming out in a swimming cap, dancing around, and yelling, "I'm the bald bitch!" as the crew guys laugh at Pete.

Jenna enters the writers' room, pronouncing, "Listen up, fives, a 10 is speaking!" She tells them that her JennaBabies were recalled after it was discovered they were merely a front to smuggle drugs from Mexico. As such, she's got another back-up plan: She's starring in a movie called Take My Hand. She describes, "It's kind of an artsy character study about a young woman who has a lot of holes drilled into her head by a deranged veterinarian named Slaughterface." She says the movie has some serious cred because "the producers of this movie rented Saw and watched it." She tells the gang she'll be in Stamford, Connecticut, filming until further notice, then adds, "On an unrelated matter, does anyone know where I can get intimate bleaching done in Stamford, Connecticut?"

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