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Chasing Tracy

Back in Queens, Lemon and Kenneth find the building where Tracy's signature pizza ("Large cheese pizza with one slice taken out so I can pretend I'm eating Pac-Man like my hero Blinky the Ghost") has been delivered many times over the last two months. We see a Silence of the Lambs-style crosscut between Lemon ringing the doorbell, Tracy hearing the doorbell, Lemon still ringing, and Tracy getting up to answer the door. Tracy finally answers the door to reveal he's not been found but has changed his delivery order to Thai food. Lemon and Kenneth are met with a strange man, who says he moved into the apartment two weeks ago. Kenneth notices a copy of Black Yachts magazine and a Rubik's Cube smashed out of anger that have been thrown in the dumpsters. With these clues, he knows for sure that Tracy has been at this very apartment. Lemon thinks it's hopeless and desperately asks the stranger if she can work for him. "I'll do anything!" she tells him. "I'll get in my bra, and you can throw nails at me. I'll dance for you." As he closes the door, Kenneth grabs Lemon by the shoulders and shakes her. He tells her they have others options, such as dropping down to their knees and screaming to the wind, "Mr. Jordan, where are you? Come back? For the love of God, come back or we'll die!"

Jenna marches into Jack's office to tell him about her problems on-set. Through process of deduction, Jack realizes that Take My Hand is an old NBC property that has wasted millions while languishing in rewrites. Jenna tells Jack that he'll never see any money off it because "Connecticut's being a douchebag," and the only way they will get funding is to make the movie an advertisement for Connecticut tourism. Jack vows to make the movie work. Jenna suggests they should "hire some of those ugly people who have the papers and change the shapes on it." Ventures Jack, "Writers?" He puts the kibosh on that idea, suggesting he and Jenna spearhead this project themselves. Jenna tells him to meet him in her dressing room, saying she'll get a computer from one of the ugly people. Jack chips in "the world's greatest encyclopedia, [his] mind."

Downstairs, Pete is passing through the studio when Reggie asks, "Hey, is that a to-do list? 'Cause if your wife's on there, I've already taken care of her." Pete angrily challenges him to "the wrestling of arms" at midnight on the stage in front of everyone. Reggie thinks tomorrow would be more convenient. Pete says he'll meet him anytime, anywhere -- except for a 5 PM PTA meeting he can't miss because he's this week's Snack Dad. Reggie must be shaking in his boots!

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