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Chasing Tracy

Lemon asks what's wrong with Tracy that he's afraid to come back to the show. Kenneth asks, "Did you also spill ice cream on your mom's boyfriend's record player?" Tracy says that he wanted the next level, but now the pressure of expectations was too great. Lemon tells him he can get rid of the pressure by returning to his old ways. If he just acts like the malfunctioning member of society he once was, he can enjoy his old life again. With this anti-pep talk, Tracy is ready to break out some serious antics. He takes off his shirt and knocks over a lamp as he walks out, looking back with a knowing grin. Kenneth wishes him well: "Godspeed, Mr. Jordan!"

Bonus! Jack shows Lemon the finished cut of Take My Hand. Jenna beatboxes on the set filled with Huggies, Tide, Oreos, and other products while Rosenthal raps in a cop costume and Slaughterface dances like Sudeikis in the background. Jenna shills that the single is available on iTunes. Lemon thinks no one will pay to see this dreck, but Jack says it doesn't matter because it's already profitable. Cut back to the screen, where there's a number to text if you want to vote for Rosenthal. Lemon wonders why there's a voting option if it's a movie, not a live TV show. Jack says, again, it doesn't matter because some numbskull out there will text the number, and they'll make 99 cents each time. At which point, Lemon texts the number so that Rosenthal won't win over the muppet. The bubble pops up over her picture, and an announcer says, "To vote for Liz Lemon, text 'Liz' to 6-2-2-8-8."

Time for jokes, this week with 100% more Temple Grandin!

Tracy Is the Lizard King
Jack: What about Grizz and Dot Com?
Lemon: Neither does anyone Tracy's close to -- his wife, Charles Barkley, Edward James Almost, who is an Edward James Olmos lookalike that Tracy is friends with...
Jack: Kenneth talks to Tracy on Skype. Why doesn't he just call him?
Lemon: It doesn't work that way. Tracy only contacts Kenneth on special occasions like Bastille Day.
Jack: I'm going to go ahead and assume that Bastille is a stripper.
Lemon: As well you should. Now there's a chance he may call tomorrow because it's his lizard's birthday.
Jack: Has it really been a year since we were all at the Waldorf, eating that cake made out of lizard meal?
Lemon: Yep, Jeremy's almost 11.

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