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Jenna materializes from nothing (a trick she developed to catch people talking about her) and says Lemon has no more excuses to stay in. Lemon begs off, claiming all clubs and dance halls and odeons are malarkey, but Jenna promises her she can leave if she doesn't like it -- "this isn't Eric Roberts' teepee."

Donaghy den. Jack swaggers into his renegotiation with Sherry and tells her plainly that he doesn't care for Liddy. They have nothing in common, save for a fondness for Avery's breasts. Not to mention that she's only one of two people who've ever thrown up on him -- and he hasn't spoken to Joe Namath since that Mardi Gras. Then he pulls out the trump card: "I don't even think that Liddy looks like me, so evolutionarily, that makes me want to eat her." He tells Sherry to take a pay cut or take a hike. Just when he thinks he's regained leverage, Liddy cries. Sherry stands by sternly, silently. He pleads for her to stay, ultimately offering to pay for everyone in her family to attend college.

Meanwhile, Jenna has taken Lemon to a bar with Lilith Fair-style music, ample seating, and clearly marked fire exits. Lemon scours the place for something to hate and zeroes in on the name, Canal Yards Project, which she deems "hipster nonsense." Before she can leave, Jenna orders them some drinks. The bartender asks for their IDs, and Lemon tells him the fact that she participated in Hands Across America should date her sufficiently. She goes into her wallet and discovers her license is missing. She thinks it's her cue to go home, but a hot guy (Eion Bailey) approaches to return her license. They bond over a mutual love of white wine spritzers and some sort of nerd conversation that I can't even pretend to understand. [Why aren't droids allowed into the cantina in Star Wars? It's a legitimate question! - Zach] She sexily removes her coat... to reveal her sweatsuit. He gives her a sexy smile.

Back at 30 Rock, Frank premieres the demo of his and Pete's song. Sample lyrics: "Castles form in the sand. Could this really be God's plan? Or is it never too late, never too late? It's never too late for now?" Pete notices with some irritation that Frank has mixed down his vocals to nothing. Frank thinks it sounds better, but Pete asks accusingly if it has to do with "her." Pan over to Yuki, Frank's new Japanese girlfriend who is totally breaking up the band. Whose name is "Sound Mound," btw. Pete goes to cancel the 5,000 T-shirts he ordered, but Cerie intercepts him with the first of twenty boxes, clearly marked "NO REFUNDS."

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