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Canal Yards Project. Lemon settles in for another round with the dreamboat, whose name is Anders. She compliments him for not having "one weird little tooth." He invites her back to his hotel room to order Eat Pray Love and make fun of it. Lemon is down: "Julia Roberts in a movie about eating? Give me Kirstie Alley -- someone who knows what she's doing." Anders offers her his hand to go, but she shies away. Just then, a fight breaks out. Anders calls it "typical night club malarkey," grabs her hand, and leads her to safety. They get outside, and Lemon tells him her heart's pounding like she's watching Oprah's farewell season. With this new development, she's beginning to doubt her graceful transition to spinsterhood. Anders gets serious. He says that he doesn't "believe in science or signs from the universe." What he does believe is that it's never too late for now. Cue Pete and Frank's one-hit blunder as Anders scoops Lemon up for a kiss and we're treated to a full-on spinning camera shot.

The next day, Jack is determined to set the situation with Sherry right. In addition to her bloated salary, he gives her $100 for cab fare home every day. He admits that she's unraveling his very idea of himself by out-negotiating him. He's now fearful of going into his Kabletown negotiations "after being reamed by a woman in Winnie the Pooh hospital pants." Sherry listens impassively as he mentally goes down the list of disadvantages he's facing against Kabletown, that he has "a brand new baby that they've poured time and money into... some useless thing that would die if left alo--" He has an epiphany: Liddy is to him what NBC is to Kabletown. Cut to the meeting. The Kabletown rep makes his initial offer. Jack takes on a slightly beleaguered expression, takes out a clementine, and starts peeling it. Facing Jack's silence, the guy becomes flustered and starts negotiating against himself. Jack asks, "So... whatcha wan' do?"

Downstairs, Lemon takes her sweatsuited walk of shame into the writers' room. They all clap for her as she walks into her office. There she finds Jack opening a bottle of Scotch NBC sent them that week they came in third. She wonders what the special occasion is. He updates her on the successful Kabletown negotiations, then congratulates her for getting to first base, which is what he calls sex with a stranger. She says her one-night stand "was not the worst" and concedes maybe she shouldn't give up just yet. She begins to wonder what would have happened if things hadn't played out exactly as they did, from the editor's food poisoning to her lost license. Jack tells her not to overthink it. He walks out. As she goes to close the door, she sees him giving the writers a pat on the back and signing the German writer's cast. She looks at her copy of Murder on the Orient Express and says, "Gasp!"

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