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Jack Gets In The Game

The A-plot tonight returns to the rivalry between Jack and Devin (Will Arnett). You will recall from last season that Devin was as gay as Christmas morning, and had lusted after Kenneth. However, thanks to the miracle of Practicology -- a religion ostensibly invented by the benevolent alien living in Stan Lee's innards (and how was Stan Lee not in this episode? That man will appear in anything. Excelsior!) -- Devin has purportedly been drained of his homosexual impulses and is now engaged to CEO Geiss's postmenopausal daughter. Devin learns about Jack's heart attack, and spends all his time trying to make Jack's heart explode -- feeding him rich food in front of Geiss, forcing him to play football at a weekend getaway at Geiss's -- but his moment of gloating while deep-throating a hot dog turns ugly. Devin begins choking, and Jack doesn't give him a Heimlich maneuver until Devin promises to back off. In the end, Geiss tells Jack he's on the list as a candidate for succession.

In one of the B-plots, Jenna's still sporting thirty extra pounds. Her crash diet -- the Japanese Porn Star regimen, wherein she's allowed only to eat paper -- makes her even less aware of her surroundings than usual, and then Jack lowers the boom, tells her to lose weight, and sends her to Dr. Spaceman. The good doctor's first suggestion is crystal meth, but when Jenna balks at the meth mouth, he gets her into a clinic for a whole-body lipo treatment (and bone shaving). Before Jenna can go to the clinic, she has to do an episode of the show, and her tubby pratfalls make her a new tabloid darling and woman of the people. Jenna decides she'd rather be rotund and recognized than a svelte C-lister.

In the other B-plot, Tracy and Angie are still separated, and Tracy's idea of patching things up is to make up for all the years in which he fooled around on her...by sending Kenneth over to make sweet love to Angie. In Tracy's imagination, this makes sense. And in Tracy's imagination, Kenneth is swanning about in a page jacket, an eye patch and little else, massaging Angie's shoulders while Sade plays. In reality, Kenneth nervously threw up on Angie's foyer floor; she made him a grilled cheese with mayo (this condiment blows Kenneth's mind) and chewed Tracy out. He agrees to her terms for reconciliation: she will be on him like white on rice (her words, not mine), every minute of the day.

And the wee little C-plot -- or quite possibly D-plot: Liz is revealed to be mismanaging her personal life. She still has her $4000 ham napkin, she skips a dental appointment and a tooth falls out, and she hasn't assembled all her IKEA-esque furniture. At the end of the episode, we see her using her rolled-up ham napkin to prop up her poorly-assembled table. You sort of have to see it to appreciate it.

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