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Lemon's office. Jack catches Lemon up on Milton's request for a kidney and his own reluctance to give one to that Commie, homo-lovin' son-of-a-gun. He feels like he's in a tough place because he's Milton's only hope, but he doesn't want to be a match. He asks for Lemon's help. She begins singing an anatomical song from when she played a kidney in her fifth-grade play. Not helping.

Later in the studio, Jenna tells Lemon that she has to go on The Vontella Show as a relationship expert thanks to "That's a deal breaker, ladies!" This is not good news for Jenna, who has been involved in many a WWE-style throwdown and/or family reunion ambush on this Tyra Banks/Jerry Springer hybrid. Jenna, however, does relish the chance to rope Lemon into coming with her on the show since Lemon hijacked her Time Out New York cover and is now the "face of 'deal breaker.'" Lemon tries to wriggle out of it, but Jenna makes it clear Lemon's presence is not optional.

Dr. Spaceman's office. He can't keep a straight face while talking about Milton's kidney ("Kidney's just such a funny word!"), then promptly hands them a form that says Milton is giving Jack his kidney and not the other way around. All of this does nothing to allay Jack's concerns, and he makes it very clear that he is not totally on board with the whole transplant situation.

Tracy's dressing room. Kenneth tells Tracy he's been invited back to his high school to speak at graduation. Tracy flatly refuses, then tells a horror story about being solicited by a drug dealer to cut a brotha open. He says that's why he dropped out and vowed never to go back. He leaves, and Dot-Com informs Kenneth that the "drug dealer" was actually a science teacher who wanted Tracy to cut open a frog. Dissection is decidedly not urban. Grizz recalls that he had to deny knowing Tracy because of the humiliating situation. Kenneth likens it to his own understanding of science, which, being from the Deep South, is decidedly anti-evolution.

Vontella Show. Jenna chokes when the TV diva lets audience members ask her relationship questions. Luckily, Lemon picks up the slack and proves quite adept at spotting those pesky deal breakers. (See below.) Wild applause and coining of more catch phrases ("Shut it down!") ensues.

Tracy stares forlornly out the window on a rainy day, or so it would seem. It's just a set that the high school drop-out co-opted to express his inner emotions. Kenneth approaches and confronts Tracy with the truth about his high school story. Tracy starts crying and shouting out that he was a chicken. Alan Alda interjects for a moment to drop a one-liner: "A guy crying about a chicken and a baby? I thought this was a comedy show." Judge that line for yourself, but, for me, it was only meh. He leaves, and Tracy tells Kenneth that he doesn't understand how horrible it has been to live down that mortifying moment. He says he lost his street cred and has since vowed never to cry again. He insists he never cries, despite a whopper of a montage to the contrary (best snippet: "A Diet Slice and some pita chips!"). Tracy is adamant that he will never go back to the scene of his greatest failure. Kenneth feels sorry that he can't embrace all the parts of himself, even his own failures, but Tracy won't hear it.

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