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Upstairs, Milton enters Jack's office. He is leaving to work on the next chapter of From Peanut Farmer to President but wanted to talk to Jack about the scene in Dr. Spaceman's office the other day. Jack says talking is not a Donaghy coping mechanism, but Milton insists because "the Greens are talkers... and huggers." He apologizes for putting Jack in an awkward situation and promises he'll be more than happy to simply spend time with Jack. They discover they both like baseball and end up playing an impromptu game of father-son catch -- though Milton nearly ruins Jack's moment with navel gazing. Sentimentality is not the way of a Donaghy man.

Downstairs, Kenneth pays a delivery man for some food. Tracy spots him and tells Kenneth that that kid used to be the most gangsta kid in high school, and now he's just a delivery boy. Kenneth exchanges a knowing look with Grizz, and tells Tracy that he is not the "bad-bleep! OG" but a sensitive artist. He, too, was once different and should let the kids at his high school know that different kids can succeed, too. Tracy agrees to go back and speak at graduation.

Jack's office. Dr. Spaceman calls to inform him that he is not a match for Milton and therefore can't give him a kidney. He heads downstairs to tell Lemon that he has devised a tentative scheme to utilize the liberal media establishment to get Milton a kidney. Jenna suggests he do a charity concert, and he decides to go the way of Bob Geldof and, more recently, "Weird Al" Yankovic. Now that's what I call a surefire hit! He tells Lemon to start on a set post-haste. He says if she can moonlight as a TV relationship expert, then she can pull together a charity concert. She says she's not sure if she's qualified to be doling out advice on a national stage, but Jack encourages her to "get hers" while the gettin's good.

Jack's office. He blackmails Mary J. Blige, Elvis Costello and Clay Aiken into helping him with the kidney ditty. In short, Jack got Mary out of a 20-year exclusive contract at Sea World (guess it got foisted onto Jessica Simpson, then?), Aiken is Kenneth's cousin (of course!) and Elvis (a.k.a. Declan McManus) is an international art thief. I have a feeling this is just the tip of the Green-berg.

Downstairs, Lemon feels empowered as she accepts all her appearance requests, including that much-watched seventh hour of the Today Show. She heads into her office, where she finds Pete and Tracy's wives. She is loath to answer their questions since she knows them and could potentially have to face the consequences, but they insist. See below for more catch phrase-tastic Lemon logic.

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