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The gang is back at 30 Rock for 2010. Lemon asks Jack how his New Year's Eve was. Long story short, his "dear friend, the deep sea explorer Bob Ballard" gifted him with an ancient decanter of wine... which turned out to be quite toxic, sending everyone to the backyard for communal retching. Lemon says that sounds horrible, but Jack reassures her that it was actually a sort of purifying experience. Now his old flame Nancy is out of his mind and out of his life -- conveniently, since she hasn't phoned him for a while. Lemon shares that one of her cousins, Randy from a rural coal mining town, came out to the whole family... and by "came out," she means she drunkenly outed him.

They head over to the elevators, where they find Tracy. Jenna scampers in to tell them about her wonderful New Year's with James Franco's manager. They set up a sham romance between Jenna and James to dispel rumors about some of James's sexual proclivities (no details yet). Lemon disapproves. Jack thinks it'll provide excellent publicity for the show. He tells Lemon to set up a meeting with the Franco to make sure Jenna's taken care of. Tracy chips in that he may have impregnated Angie on New Year's Eve. The others quickly stop him from detailing his night as they did. Credits.

Jack heads upstairs, where Jonathan expectantly asks about his New Year's. Jack takes a look at his Blackberry and runs off in shock. The breeze from Jack's swift departure still rolling across his lapel, an exasperated Jonathan spills that he met his birth parents over the holiday.

Downstairs, Jack runs into Lemon's office to tell her he drunk-dialed Nancy Donovan after consuming too much ancient wine. Cerie notes that he hit pound after dialing the number, so he probably just left her a voicemail. He scuttles Lemon out of her chair so Cerie can check Nancy's YouFace page, which shows that she's at the beach with her husband. He notes that she's with her husband, probably having "beach sex -- which is the third best sex after elevator and White House." Lemon looks on the bright side that Nancy may not have received the message, since she's out of town. Jack declares that he's "Lemoned" the situation and must set it right. Jack runs out, Cerie struts out, and Lemon hopes that people aren't using her name as a verb now -- unless they mean "doing it awesome."

Later, Lemon and Jenna meet with James Franco and his agent. Jenna falls all over herself flirtatiously while Franco lays out the game plan: They met on the set of a movie that will never be released, and from now on they'll have five dates a week and one fight per month in a Jamba Juice (product placement). The agent hands out non-disclosure agreements, and Lemon asks what Franco's trying to hide. He asks if she's familiar with Japanese moe relationships between men and body pillows with women painted on them. Lemon says she is not. Franco's all, "Me neither! Isn't that crazy?" Except... pan right, and there's "Komiko," his companion. Jenna interrupts to ecstatically sign her agreement.

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