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Outside, Tracy hits on the latest crop of hot pants-clad back-up dancers. She tells him her name's Virginia -- one of his possible baby names -- and he has an epiphany that everyone is someone's daughter. Zoinks!

Down the corridor, Kenneth picks up the phone, looks at the keypad, and has a revelation. He runs up to Jack's office to tell him that Nancy's code, 55287, spells out "KLAUS," which must mean she's been thinking about Jack for years. Jack says he needs to think about his next move, he's gotta play it cool. Blurts Kenneth, "You should buy a leather jacket!" Jack tells Kenneth to fetch Cerie.

Lemon has fetched Randy and is set on sending him back home. He counters that she's not really living if she's not dancing until dawn and hooking up with random strangers. He tells her that they're going to do the makeover for real and go out that night. She agrees and starts thinking aloud that she shouldn't give advice to Jenna since she can't even sort her own life. Randy stops her with a "Talk to the hand" gesture, then pauses and asks if he did it right. Lemon congratulates him on sufficient bitchiness, and they hug.

Back at 30 Rock, Jenna breaks it off with Franco. He is frustrated at first, then she tells him to grab happiness by the pillow. Komiko, he's a-comin' for ya, baby!

Upstairs, Cerie and Kenneth watch as Jack wishes Nancy a happy new year and invites her and her husband to dinner next time she's in the city. He beams like a kid in a high school photo after hanging up.

That night, a vajazzled (I'm guessing) Lemon hits the clubs with Randy. And who should she run into but James Franco... and Komiko. They revel in their joint decisions to say yes to life. Then they dance really weirdly. Then Komiko joins the dancing. You know where this is going... The next morning, Randy reads his morning paper as a Walk of Shame-stylin' Lemon enters the room in Franco's shirt and pastry pajama pants. Franco, in his boxers and the pastry top, follows with Komiko. Randy decides it's time to go home.

Back at the studio, Tracy has gathered the members of his entourage (Grizz, Kenneth, and Dot Com) to blame them for his unhealthy attitude toward women. He announces that he is going to add a woman to his entourage. But until then...

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Lemon: Hey, Tracy.
Tracy: Finally! Over the break I forgot what floor I worked on.

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