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Lemon makes sure Tracy is ready for his big appearance on Larry King Live later in the evening, and Hornberger reminds him to plug TGS. "You only have to plug it once," adds Lemon. "TGS, Fridays at 10:30 on NBC." "I got it. NGS, Fridays at C30 on TB10," says Tracy, and then he exits stage right. Hornberger gets a call from Lemon's phone, even though she is standing right next to him. It's a cab driver named Aasif in Long Island City, Queens. He has Lemon's phone, and asks her to come pick it up. He also asks why Tracy Jordan's phone number is in her address book. When she tells him that they work together, Aasif demands that Lemon bring him $800 dollars or he will throw the phone away. She says "As if!" and hangs up on him.

Elisa tells Jack that she's going away to Puerto Rico to visit her family. Jack asks that she stay, but Elisa needs to know his true feelings. He moves from behind his desk and takes her hand. "I love you," he says while staring deep into her eyes. The feeling is mutual. Jack has even coined a name for them, "Jalisa," which he has had printed on a purse for Elisa, but when she says that's silly, he quickly ditches the purse unseen. Elisa agrees to stay, but also demands that Jack spend every ounce of his time with her. He tells Jonathan to clear his schedule for the entire week. "But what about Jack-onathan?" asks Jonathan. Yeah, what about Jack-onathan? We don't get any further explanation. Elisa presses up close to Jack and makes an alluring prediction. "I think tonight is going to be a very special night."

Tracy is live and on the air with the godfather of trying to stay interested in a guest, Larry King. In the middle of his interview with Tracy (during which Tracy has apparently been summarizing some of his favorite movies), Larry breaks away to announce important financial news. There is a crisis developing in the Asian stock market. The market just opened to a huge sell-off and Larry wants to switch over to the story, but not before he asks Tracy his thoughts about how the news will impact Wall Street. "New York as we know it will no longer exist tomorrow," says Tracy. He then lays out a colorful prediction that New York will return to the days of the 1970s, when the people were mean, the streets were unsafe, graffiti was everywhere, and movies only cost $3.

At 30 Rock, a business associate named Jorgensen stops Jack at the elevator. He's in a panic over the news about the Asian markets. He's also Conan show writer Brian Stack! Jack explains to Jorgensen that he has the week off and gets on the elevator. He sees Lemon on the elevator, and then his phone rings. It's Lemon, but not really. Lemon explains about her "jag weed" cab driver and then grabs the phone to tell Aasif to stop harassing her friends. Aasif, though, has new information. He found a special picture of Lemon on the phone. It's an "adult" picture taken by Dr. Drew. Aasif demands $2,000 in cash, otherwise he will email the picture to everyone in Liz's address book.

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