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Lemon finally makes it to cab depot, but has to tell Aasif that she doesn't have the money because her wallet was stolen. He taunts her by suggesting that she phone a friend who might loan her cash, and then points out that all of the numbers in her address book are work-related: "You have no friends." On cue, Kenneth appears, introducing himself as Liz Lemon's friend. "Okay, do you have $2,000 dollars?" asks Aasif. When Kenneth tells him no, he decides to watch television, and wait until they find some way to come up with the money.

The guys are still unable to find Tracy's money. Frank is practically on the verge of turning into the Incredible Hulk, he's so incredibly frustrated. Pete calls back in to Larry King, demanding to know where the money is located. Tracy repeats the riddle, and Pete screams at him that there's nothing like that in 30 Rock. "I never said it was a thing," answers Tracy. Kenneth watches the exchange on the television at the cab depot in Queens. "It's me," he realizes. "I'm the safest place in 30 Rock." Kenneth checks his hair, his back pockets, and then the inside lining of his page jacket, and contained within are rows of taped-together money. Kenneth pulls out $2,000 and hands it over to the cab driver in return for Lemon's phone.

The next day, Jonathan tidies up inside Jack's office as the television shows Meredith Vieira on The Today Show. She reports that the U.S. markets opened with no effect from the Asian meltdown, but that many people blame the last night's panic in New York on Tracy Jordan. She turns to interview Tracy, who is sitting next to her in the studio. "Tracy, a lot of people are calling you a fear-monger, and, I'm quoting here, 'an idiot.' What do you have to say for yourself?" "Watch TGS on Fridays, at 10:30, on NBC. Word."

Jonathan turns off the television just as Jack walks in, and then hands him another VCR tape. It's amazing how much more convenient a VCR recording is to a story plot. It's hard to imagine someone editing together a last-minute message using iMovie, for instance. This time the message is from Elisa. She tells Jack that she has left for Puerto Rico to think about things. Her fear is that Jack's proposal was born out of the panic of the moment, and now she wants to give them both a chance to think things through before deciding on a future together. "Now how do you turn this damn thing off?" Her cleavage fills the frame as she finds the off switch, followed by static, followed by a shirtless Jonathan playing the flute in the middle of Jack's office. Jonathan runs back into the office and shuts the TV off. "That's personal."

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