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Meanwhile, Toofer strolls into Tracy's dressing room saying someone on the subway called him a "biggledy boo." Tracy translates for Grizz and Dot Com that "biggledy boo" was an 18th century derogative for black people. Tracy has taken the liberty of learning many languages' racial slurs (including dolphin!) so he'll be prepared to take offense. Thus begins a debate over whether racism is back in the wake of Obama's election. In Tracy's world, post-racial = racism reborn. He warns Toofer to get ready because his affirmative action days are over.

Elsewhere, Lemon wonders if more men will show up to her line dancing event. The one that is there thinks saying "I collect posters" is a turn-on. On the upside, he is unimpressed by Jenna's attention-hogging ways.

Across town, Nancy gives Jack a birthday present of saltwater taffy at lunch. He reminisces about the good times they had working together one summer at Cape Bilge, and she tells him she even got the owner to make a batch of "that flavor we invented." Jack chimes in, "Peanut butter and Miller High Life!" Nancy says she's only in town for a few days and wonders if Jack really needs to go to his fancy event that night. She asks, "Is it better than me?" Jack equivocates, bumbling about how the black-tie stuff (a.k.a. Avery) isn't better, just different, and that he doesn't know which he'd rather choose yet. He offers to meet her for drinks after the event.

That night, Avery and Jack hobnob with the glitterati at the black tie event. She wants to make their courtship official at the step-and-repeat, but Jack is afraid of Nancy seeing the picture in the paper. He makes an excuse that he can't risk the appearance of impropriety during the FCC's review of his Kabletown acquisition. "It wouldn't look good," he says, "like... Santa Claus taking a shower." Avery gets the comparison (should I?) and agrees to meet him once she's done on the red carpet.

30 Rock. Toofer stomps into Lemon's office to ask if he's benefited from affirmative action. She does very little to squelch his anger, essentially admitting that affirmative action is exactly why he's around. Toofer says he doesn't want a job that he hasn't earned and quits on the spot.

Nancy's hotel. Jack arrives in his tux, and pajama-clad Nancy apologizes for bringing their fancy date out indoors. She wore herself out walking around town in high-heeled boots that afternoon. She has a couple of warm beers from the train ride to make up for it, though! She fumblingly asks if they can wait until morning to consummate their long-awaited courtship. Jack says it's okay, and they settle in for a Lee Marvin marathon on TCM. Shortly after Jack clasps his arm around Nancy, Avery calls to invite him to invite him to Derek Jeter's apartment to join an ongoing beer pong game between the New York Yankees and New York's former mayors. Jack claims he has a suddenly work obligation and excuses himself.

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