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Writers' room. Toofer takes Lemon's usual seat at the head of the table as she walks in, so she glosses over it and heads to her office. On the way, she passes Toofer's new office to find a "Head Writer" nameplate on his door. It is neither mocking nor cruel. A sharp contrast to the one on her door: El Tejón. Frank tells her it means "the badger" in Spanish and says he's not sure who did it. His "I DID IT" hat sort of belies that claim, though. Lemon bursts into Pete's office to gripe about how the writers have embraced Toofer. Pete lets slip that Toofer has been booked for a TV interview, so Lemon horns her way into the gig. She stomps out the door, screaming, "¡Aquí viene el tejón!"

Over in the studio, Tracy complains to a frazzled Dot Com that the only thing that worked about their Let's Stay Together read-through was the talking dog. Jack interrupts to ask how production is going, and Tracy says it's fine. Then he catches Lutz eating from Dot Com Productions' crafts table and yells at him that the TGS table is backstage. As they squabble, Jonathan runs up with a phone for Jack. Rep. Bookman is waiting on the other end. She tells Jack she'll be dropping by later that afternoon to check up on him. He says he looks forward to showing her NBC's commitment to tolerance and diversity. Tracy pops up and loudly starts into a joke Don Imus told him at dinner the night before. Jack clicks off the phone with haste.

Jenna's dressing room. Kenneth can't believe he was rejected by the Page program. Jenna harshly says it was because he screwed up his tap routine. He apologizes, but she digs into him about his sparkle. Things quickly take a turn for the Verna, when she tells Kenneth, "You embarrassed me in front of all the other mothers! If you think you're going to Sizzler tonight, Jenna, you've got another thing coming. Oh, you'll be practicing your steps in the garage until the school boat comes. If I hadn't seen you come out of me in that parking lot, Ah'd swear you weren't mah dawtuh!" Her accent having fully devolved into Verna's trailer twang, Jenna realizes she's become possessed by the past, turning herself into Verna and Kenneth into her. She tells him "You're welcome" for the last part, but realizes it was wrong. She promises to make it up to him by getting his job back -- "or my name isn't Yoshtrepa Gronkowitz! I mean... Jenna Maroney!"

Meanwhile, Toofer makes his appearance on Right On, a public access show about African-American culture. Today's topic is African-Americans' role in the media. Host Rutherford Rice introduces Toofer as Head Writer of TGS, so paleface Lemon -- who clearly doesn't give a flip about making this show that much more awkward -- butts in to clarify that he's the Co-Head Writer. The cameraman tries to pan away, prompting a nag from Lemon. She then proceeds to crap all over the interview, implying it's more noteworthy that a woman is a TV show's head writer than it is that Toofer is. When she finishes the sentence with the words "white club," it's pretty clear this can't get much worse. Oh, but wait! Then she asks Rutherford Rice's co-host whether she's wearing a bra and calls her co-head writer "Toofer." If you'll recall, he earned the moniker because hiring him represented a conscious Two-for-One minority grab on NBC's part. Rutherford Rice asks who Toofer is, and Lemon claims ignorance. Pun intended. Rutherford Rice pushes on, complimenting Toofer for all the hard work and sacrifice Lemon has put into the job. She grows frustrated that he's getting the credit and makes a big show of leaving, inadvertently calling Rutherford Rice black Jesus along the way and assuming the only white guy in the building is his boss, not the security guard.

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