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30 Rock. Jonathan tells Jack that Rep. Bookman is on her way up, then switches to the Indian accent Jack demanded he adopt for this visit. Before the Congresswoman arrives, Jenna marches up with Jeffrey Winerslav and "an actor emergency." She says Winerslav won't give Kenneth his job back. The PR schlub tries to explain, but Jack cuts him off and tells him to do as he's told. With that, Rep. Bookman arrives. Jack begins her tour. Tracy arrives on cue with this totally unscripted statement: "Thank you, Representative. What you're doing is very important. I can assure you that NBC is committed to making diversity a priority. Then just walk away and don't try to kiss her, Tracy, and don't say that last part." He winks at Jack and walks off. Unfortunately for Jack, Tracy doesn't get far. He stops at the very same TGS craft services table to which he relegated Lutz earlier. Inuit Lutz is having none of it and shouts that their food is separate. Tracy screams, "I'll kill you, white devil!" He lobs an orange at him and takes chase.

Jack tries to salvage the tour by carrying on. The next thing they see is the bathroom doors (both co-ed), between which are the recycling signs marked "White" and "Colored" -- only the bins aren't there anymore, and (white) Winerslav walks out of the bathroom next to the "White" sign. Jack introduces Winerslav to the Congresswoman, telling her that Winerslav is heading up the diversity and minority hiring initiative at NBC. He asks for an update. Winerslav opts not to make him look good, instead saying that the minority slot was filled by Kenneth under Jack's order. Kenneth happens to walk by at that moment. He's in his own world and has fully regressed to childhood thanks to Jenna's coaching. Frankly, he's acting like he has a brain dysfunction. Jack tries to justify that Kenneth is a diversity hire because Kenneth is "a hillbilly with a girl's middle name. And, because his county never rejoined the Union, a foreigner." Rep. Bookman doesn't buy it.

Jack spots Toofer, his last chance at saving this disastrous visit. He calls everyone's attention to present Toofer with the 2010 Tavis Smiley Excellence in Broadcast Award. Congresswoman Bookman asks how long Toofer has been Head Writer, and Toofer answers honestly that it's been one day. She sees through the ruse and asks who the real head writer is. Lemon shyly speaks up. Rep. Bookman strides over to Lemon, whom she deems a "lonely and tired woman," to congratulate her on being one of the 10% of the people who do 90% of the work. She tells Lemon she's the only person there she respects and gives her an "I Met a Congresswoman" sticker. Lemon begins to thank her but is interrupted when Rep. Bookman launches into another of her soapbox speeches: "This country was founded! On certain principles. Freedom! Troops! America! Flag! Now I might not know where I'm going with this. But I know! We will get there! Together!" She holds up Lemon's hand to tepid applause. She amps it up: "Who?! Loves?! Pizza?!" Wild applause.

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