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Tracy, however, is having a difficult time staying sober during the holidays (aren't we all?). In a sober world, he finds football boring, his wife's sister unattractive, and his guitar playing...well, he can't play the guitar. Kenneth aims to distract Tracy's mind from the demons of alcohol by explaining to him a game that ultimately he can't explain. Tracy decides instead to go home and think on his new set of circumstances.

Preparations are being made for the Ludachristmas party. Jena and her keyboard player are going over harmonies when Lemon's brother Mitch asks her where to find the bathroom. He doesn't recognize her, let alone remember that they had sex. But when he sees the always fetching Cerie, his dull Andy Richter gaze turns less dull. "What's up? Do you like Wham?" Mitch can't make the party because of his big ski trip in 1985 tomorrow so Cerie suggests he come over to her place next weekend while her parents are away. "I'll be in the hot tub," she says wickedly. Mitch pants. Frank and Toofer pant behind him. Who knew Cerie was even a little bit self-aware?

Tracy shows back up at the office just in time to walk down the hallway with almost the entire cast, all headed to the Ludachristmas party. I'm reminded of episode Greenzo, the scene before Kenneth's birthday party. They literally bop down the hallways, especially Cerie. Tracy rationalizes attending the office party until he suggests cutting off his own foot in order to drink at the party. The crowd cheers in agreement. They chant "Ludachristmas!" but the doors open to a solemn, Kubrick-esque blocked scene where Kenneth sits next to a stern minister and Grizz and DotCom bar anyone from getting out the doors. "Some people need to learn about Christmas," says Kenneth, not holding his Linus blanket.

The good Reverend Gary finishes up a puppet show between a caveman and a nun to the thunderous applause of Kenneth and nobody else. The rest of the trapped participants sit in a circle wearing shell shocked expressions while Kenneth lectures them about the true meaning of Christmas. He proposes they go around the circle and everybody say what Christmas means to them ... Lutz yelps a banshee warrior cry and charges full steam into Grizz, falling flat on his back as the result.

Later, Reverend Gary plays a song on his acoustic guitar. Tracy has had enough: "This has got to stop now." The crowd starts to revolt. To calm and focus them, Kenneth plays a videotape made by Rev. Garry of his trip to Guatemala last year. In it, the Reverend hands out bricks to the local starving children who can't be more grateful. Then he shows them the wastebasket full of Christmas presents tossed out by the Ludachristmas revelers. Music in the background builds. They grow inspired: Frank wants to donate money to the kids; Cerie suggests foregoing gifts altogether; Josh wants to volunteer at a soup kitchen; Tracy wants to chop down the tree in front of Rockefeller Center. Yes! They all scream in agreement. It's the second great idea Tracy has had this episode, alongside cutting off his foot in order to drink. The group runs out of the room and heads for the tree as Kenneth humbly objects. Tracy smashes a fire alarm and grabs an axe along the way.

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