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Later, Jack catches up with Lemon. He wants to know if everything is okay. He finds her family strange, and not just because of her time-trapped brother. Her parents' unsettling good nature, optimism, and support are unnatural to Jack, but Lemon sees nothing wrong. They've always been supportive, "Even when I sued the Lower White Haven school district to let girls play football." Cut to Lemon completely missing a game ending field goal in high school but then yelling "Feminism!" as her reluctant teammates stand silent.

Mother Donaghy is with Jack in his office. She aches to use the bathroom, and shortly after her exit, Ma and Pa Lemon unexpectedly drop by to give Jack a Christmas gift. They are impressed by Jack's office and his nice carpet. "Your mother must be so proud of you" gushes Lemon's mother. They can't believe Jack dates a congresswoman; they can't believe he dates a congresswoman with her own Lifetime movie. Jack has heard enough: "Why don't we cut the charade and you two tell me what exactly it is you two want from me?" A long beat. The Lemons burst out in laughter.

The laughter keeps sliding down the cheeks of these newfound friends when Lemon and brother Mitch walk in. Jack opens his Christmas present from the Lemons: cheese, butter, and caramel popcorn. He loves it, and he takes Lemon up on her invite to go window-shopping with them. As he hears his own mother flushing the toilet in the adjoining bathroom, he hurries everyone out.

The Lemons plus Jack all wear matching red Christmas sweaters as Liz and Jack lace up their skates at Rockefeller Center. Sexy Dick Buck Lemon brags about his daughter's athletic prowess, noting her star turn as a football goddess. "It was just one game dad," deflects Lemon, "although I did kinda change everything forever." "I'll never forget that day," says her proud daddy. Jack seems to be basking in the glow of the Lemon family's unconditional support, even accepting a compliment on how well his skates are tied. They smile and pose for a group picture when the howl and rush of a great cackle beneath the heavens but still above their heads comes thundering down upon them. "Jack!" It's Mother Donaghy. "Having fun?"

Jack tries to convince Mother Donaghy of the innate sincerity and goodness of the Lemon family, but she doesn't want to hear it. She promises that, given ten minutes alone with the Lemons, they'll be tearing at one another "like drag queens at a wig sale."

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