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Lemon: [takes a bow behind a sign that reads 'Who Farted?'] Thank you. Thank you.

The passive-aggressive approach
Jack: What did your mother mean when she said you were a beautiful genius, was she taunting you?

Reading Lemon
Jack: I've never seen such relentlessly blind encouragement. No wonder you're a sexually frightened know it all.

Jena Live
"Open-open-homina, homina, homina...open pit barbeque sauce! Yes, this is the sweet spot."

Mother Donaghy is no one's ostrich
"Nice. I'll show you nice. Let's all meet down at the soda shop while this country turns into Mexico."

See food
Mother Donaghy: It's so hard to choose. The photos of the food look so good.

Kenneth and his rock opera
[Applause] "Thank you, Reverend Gary. It was to the tune of 'American Pie,' but so much longer."

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30 Rock




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