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Father, Faker

Lemon: So you have a couple drinks, fight about politics, and then you take it personally when he doesn't agree with you? That's called "having a dad," Jack.

You're The Con That I Want!
Tracy: Liz Lemon, I may hug people too hard and get lost at malls... but I'm not an idiot.
Lemon: Then why are you giving him all this money to him?
Tracy: When I met Donald, he was fast-talking charmer from the wrong side of the tracks. He reminded me of someone, Liz Lemon -- John Travolta's character from Grease... and me!

As All Great Romances and Bastards Begin
Jack: Milton, do you remember a woman named Colleen Donaghy?
Milton: Sure. That takes me back a few years.
Jack: 1958?
Milton: Right! She rented me a room when I was a graduate student. One month I couldn't pay, so she said maybe there was something else I could give her... so I gave her my radio. Then, a couple weeks later, we got drunk and had sex.

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