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Another day, another bout of bickering between Danny and Jenna. She thinks his Montreal Alouettes poster was tacky, just like his mother's chain e-mails. Kenneth stumbles upon the discord and scurries over to Pete's office to ask how Pete and his wife make up after a fight. Pete pulls out the scotch (drinking both of the poured glasses) as he regales Kenneth with how he uses his children as a buffer. Kenneth ponders how he can devise a buffer for Jenna and Danny.

Tracy and his wife Angie join Jack in Tracy's dressing room. He apologizes for being late, saying his alarm clock "died in a cockfight last night." He updates Jack on his grim diagnosis. Jack takes it in stride, assuring him they have Martin Lawrence on retainer. Angie chimes in to say that she's more concerned that Tracy's family will be taken care of. Jack offers to help her learn the ropes of the entertainment business so she eventually can make up for Tracy's lost income. She is excited to start on the bottom, as long as she never has to take orders from anyone. Such promise!

Walking into her office, Lemon finds Angie getting spiffed up by her hairdresser. Angie tells Lemon that she couldn't let her new internship at the show get in the way of her day-to-day life, and also that she'll be taking the next week off for a ski trip. Lemon assumes Angie's new job is Jack's way of messing with her in light of their rocky divorce. Angie gets defensive that her presence might "mess with" Lemon and plays the "strong black woman" card. Lemon digs herself further into a hole when she says Angie isn't a servant, because she's not being paid. "You're really like... oh boy." Lemon tells Angie she doesn't have time to mentor anyone. Angie asks what's happening, and her hairdresser chimes in that she just got fired.

Jenna and Danny's dressing room. Kenneth The Human Buffer breaks up another of their angry fights by showing them a childish picture he drew of them. Jenna tells him it's awful, but Danny says he should hang it on the wall. Kenneth steps on a chair to hang the picture and falls as he steps down. Jenna and Danny descend into a fight. His argument: She coddles Kenneth. Her point: Danny is half a man. His return: "You're ruining my life!" Jenna's counter: "What life?"

Upstairs, Jacks asks Lemon why he has an appointment with Weinerslav scheduled for the next day. He says his life has only gotten worse since they got married. She calls him out for sending Angie to throw her off. She finally escaped by hiding in a news closet until Subas and Ann Curry came in to steam up the place. She finishes and turns to see that Angie has found her. Angie calls both of them trash for making her and her family a pawn in their petty games. Then she pulls out a piece of Lemon's weave, a.k.a. her actual hair. Jack placates her by promising her a reality show during TGS's time slot. That is, unless Lemon will sign the divorce papers. Lemon says she'll happily watch Angie's show in their marital home.

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