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30 Rock. Lemon scrambles into Jack's office to get a broken vending machine fixed. He reveals he broke it because he knew it was the fastest way to get her into his office. Cue faux melodramatic outburst from Lemon, complete with wailing and pounding on Jack's chest. Jack brushes her off, asking for an update on Operation: Tracy Take Back. Lemon says he's still in "Africa," and we cut to a video chat she had with him yesterday. Tracy proudly proclaims, "I'm doing God's work here in Africa. Why just yesterday, I kicked two naked people out of a garden!" Lemon pleaded for Tracy to return, but he shouted only "Simba Rafiki, click-click-click!" which he explained was him putting her in her place in African.

Jack says they must get Tracy back. Without him, the show will go on forced hiatus. Jack suggests she sits down the staffers individually and paint a pretty picture that the show will be back ASAP. In the meantime, he's doing as much desk pounding and "power wagging" possible on TGS's behalf, but he lost a lot of bargaining power when he bought a new gay-centric network for Kabletown. It's called TWINKS and although it has yet to find its footing, despite such obvious winners as Gay Sports Center, he thinks the network caters to an audience that is highly coveted by advertisers. To wit, he says, "When I was with D'Fwan on Queen of Jordan, he spent $4,000 on Chihuahua outfits... for himself." Lemon reluctantly says she'll take care of the hiatus issue herself. As she walks out, Jack calls to her, "Thank you, Lemon. I'd like to help, but I'm afraid My Hands Are Tied... is the only show anyone's watching on TWINKS." Credits.

Downstairs, Lemon tells Frank about the forced hiatus but assures him everything is going to be fine. And before you can say "Harriet Tubman Nursing School" -- not to mention before Lemon even moves a foot to exit the room -- he's on the phone with his agent proclaiming the death of TGS and asking him to book stand-up gigs. At black women's colleges. As you do. Lemon takes umbrage that Frank doesn't believe in her, but he says forced hiatus means it's time for Plan B. Pete's Plan B is to go back to substitute teaching. He tells her proudly that last time he taught he was like Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society, then clarifies, "by which I mean I got fired." Lemon insists the hiatus is only temporary, but Pete just chuckles and pats her patronizingly on the shoulder. Next up is Jenna, who takes an air of solidarity... until Lemon realizes that the "we" in Jenna's claim that "We'll get through this" is actually referring to Jenna and her Plan B: Jenna Babies she sells on QVC. They are broadly cultural (read: racist) figurines with such identities as Asian Jenna Baby, who parrots, "Excuse me, GI, do you miss your girlfriend? I'm good at math." That last statement, assures Jenna, is "so it's not offensive." Later, out in the hall, Lemon learns Sue is returning to Holland for her Plan B, a cop show based on her called Van Der Hoot: Psychische, translated as De Mentaalist. We even get a scene in which the clues include a wooden shoe and a windmill... so it's not offensive. Lemon moans that she's being left alone with Toofer, who quickly breezes past to tell her that he's got other options on the horizon. He blusters, "With my degree, I can always go into architecture or medical nanotechnology." Lemon asks what he majored in, and a quizzical look crosses his face. You see, at Haaaaaarvard, they're called concentrations. For that one, Lemon shoves him into the elevator.

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