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Jack: Not this time. Banks put all of his eggs in the Obama basket. When the administration started to falter because of our conspirac-- I mean... Obama's ineptitude, he tried to distance himself publicly from, uh, your president. Then he tried to rejoin us capitalists, showed up at John Paulson's Sweet 16 Billion party. Nobody would talk to him, not even Ira. And he was all, "Oh, I'll just look at these books," then he pretended to get a text and left. And we were all, like, "Whatever, we'll go to IHOP -- and not tell him!" [Laughs meanly.]
Lemon: Where is now?
Jack: I tracked him down to an address in Brooklyn. He's on LinkedIn, Lemon. He might as well be dead!

Homely Woman
Kenneth: I did it! I saved the show! Now I won't have to work in News.
Lemon: And I won't have to be the world's worst hooker.
[Flash to night, where Lemon in a purple wig approaches a car.]
Hooker Lemon: You wanna party? Five hundred for kissing, 10,000 for snuggling, end of list.

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