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A bit later, Lemon is waiting for her meeting with Lachey when who is sitting next to her as a fellow candidate? Aaron Sorkin. Sorkin invites Lemon, "Walk with me," and takes her on a Sorkintastic meandering monologue through the halls of NBC. By the time he's wondered why no one pokes him on Facebook and instructed her how to beat a level on Angry Birds, they end up back where they started. He cautions her, "We make horse buggies, and the first Model-T just rolled into town." Lemon agrees that they're dinosaurs, and he pooh-poohs her use of mixed metaphors. Just then, Sorkin is called into his meeting with Lachey. He walks in simpering that he's a huge fan and has all of Lachey's albums.

The next day, Kenneth proudly tells Lemon went to the Today show plaza with a sign soliciting ideas from the viewing audience. He is certain the ideas will start rolling in any minute. Frank happens by and tells Kenneth he needs to get the fans involved in saving the show, like how viewers sent in light bulbs to keep Friday Night Lights on the air, hot sauce to express their love of Roswell, and douche bags in solidarity for Entourage. Kenneth latches onto Frank's idea and starts wondering what fans can send Hank Hooper to show their love of TGS. He pulls out his Idea Journal to see if the answer is there. Yep, still just "Bird Internet."

Over in Brooklyn, Jack walks in on Devin's scene of domestic miss. Devin tries to claim that the babies Jack sees are mere organ farms, then begins to run away in shame. When cornered, he explains that he's a househusband now, with a trio of gaybies that he made by mixing his sperm with his black dancer husband Cashmere. Jack handles Devin with kid gloves, telling him gently that he wants to offer an olive branch in the form of TWINKS. Devin laughs that Jack must be desperate to offer him a job. Jack tries desperately to avoid any gay innuendo, then foils himself by telling Devin, "You'll be under me, and if there's one slip-up, your ass is mine." Devin unzips his hoodie to reveal a three-piece suit underneath. The new dads parse through an Itsy Bitsy Spider metaphor to determine which of them is actually on top. One thing is certain, though: They're both in over their heads.

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