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30 Rock done won them some prizes! Suck it "Dianefan". As far as I'm concerned, the Fey haters can get a big, fat Aronofsky.

Jenna stops Lemon in the hallway at 30 Rock. "Did you hear?" she asks Liz. "Oh yeah, your brother. Is he going to be okay?" Jenna blows if off. "Not that," she says. Sheinhardt Universal is producing a new biopic about Janis Joplin. Jenna has every intention of convincing Jack to give her the part. While Jenna tells her the news, Lemon sees a baby in a stroller coming down the hallway. Jenna doesn't notice. "I'm going to storm into his (Jack's) office, in character," she tells Lemon. "Somebody's sleepy." "I am sleepy, but I'm also so excited," retorts Jenna, still not in on the miscommunication. Lemon steps past her to get a closer look at the baby. She's not exactly baby crazy but the adoption process has gone on longer than anticipated and, if she steals an occasional baby shoe from a baby once in awhile, can you blame her? She puts the shoe in her handbag, already full of mismatched baby shoes. It's kind of terrifying. At Jack's place, he shows around the new nurse assigned to take care of his mother. If you'll recall, Jack broke both her hips last episode. Jack explains to nurse Elisa that taking care of his mother can be a mixed bag. She's either in a foul mood or asleep. Moody, I guess we can call her. Elisa sympathizes with his predicament by recounting her own Puerto Rican mother's penchant for wearing no clothes around the house. Jack's mother yells from the other room. "Jack! Someone's got to dry me off." Elisa covers for him immediately, and tells Mrs. Donaghy that Jack just left the house. Jack quickly has stars in his eyes.

Tracy, Grizz, and DotCom all sit in Jack's office. Jack tells Tracy that his spending has gotten out of control. "Give me an example," demands Tracy, while wearing a shirt that is literally made from money. It's a fairly fuck-tastic design. I can't tell if the bills are twenties or one hundreds, but they've been layered onto an already existing shirt, with a collar that emerges from the amass of dolla dolla bills (y'all). Tracy tells Jack the real reason he spends so much money. It's because of his wife Angie. He's afraid Angie might divorce him if he ever had enough money for her to live off of half. It's why he spends money on worthless things "like gold shoes and Grizz and DotCom." Ouch! My heart leaps out to Grizz and DotCom for a moment. Jack is confused. He asks Tracy about the terms of his pre-nup agreement. Tracy has none. So Jack recommends bringing Angie in and hammering out a "post-nup" agreement to give them some financial peace of mind. Tracy is visibly skeptical but he agrees, and then he laboriously walks out of Jack's office in his gold shoes. Grizz and DotCom offer to help. "Don't help me! I'm too proud."

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