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Life Makes You Sweet Food
How Was Your Day, Honey?
Lemon: "Did you see the Sex and the City movie?"
Stuart: "Once again Liz, I am an adult man."
Lemon: "Well Miranda and Steve were having issues because Steve cheated..."
Stuart: "Argh. So bored."

Irish vs. Puerto Ricans
Jack: "All of these people are your family? Why are they smiling so much? Who's being ostracized?"

Other Movies: Sisterhood of the Traveling Black Woman's Jeans, Romancing the Onyx, The Black Wrestler (I could go forever)
Lemon: "Hey. I need to ask your advice about Stuart. We decided to do this whole 'meet me at the Brooklyn Bridge if we still want to be together' thing, from the Sex and the City movie."
Tracy: "They do that a lot in movies. An Affair to Remember. Sleepless in Seattle, and that remake to Affair to Remember that I was in. A Blaffair to Rememblack."

Jack: "Surround yourself with people, and love, and babies with pierced ears."

Full Lyrics to Jack's "Piece of My Heart" Rewrite
Come on and take it/
Break another little chunk of my lung now mister
You know you bought it/
If life makes you sweet food
Chunk of my lung! Chunk of my lung!
Now take it/
Take a big old chunk of my lung now baby
Take it/
Take a big old chunk of my lung
You know you bought it/
If you buy it with things

No-Prize Award Winner
Jenna wins the no-prize in this episode. I believe it's her first. She was great, and with a little amount of screen time. I think she's turning into a bit of a madcap genius. Equal to Tracy in every way.

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