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The Jenn-tervention continues with Jenna singing about the beauty of redemption. Finally, after Pete reads his letter, Jenna accepts the gift the others are offering her. A strange man walks in, and Pete introduces him as Charles, who has a van waiting outside to take Jenna to treatment in Minnesota. Jenna's face falls. Pete interviews that he only partly wanted to see the fear in Jenna's eyes. He also realized that, with both Jenna and Tracy gone, he could file an insurance claim and get paid without working.

Randi: "After my second husband shot me the second time, I realized that love is the most important thing in the world." With that, Frank finds Lynn at her restaurant job ("one of the benefits of being in love with a registered sex offender"). She apologizes that their reunion didn't work out. He tells her she was right and proceeds to throw all his childish things into the deep fat fryer. He says he wants to become the man she waited for -- "the man [she] helped cheat on the President's Physical Fitness Test" (his weak point was the shuttle run). She winces as he moves to throw his Skeletor action figure into the bubbling grease. He tells her, "Skeletor's not my favorite. You are." Her blurry-faced boss comes up to ream out Frank for ruining his cooking equipment, fires Lynn, then demands a release to sign so he can raise awareness among viewers about Blurry Face Syndrome.

30 Rock. Lemon sees a life-size cut-out of Angie in the NBC Experience Store window and realizes it has replaced one of Tracy. As she digs Tracy's cut-out from the trash, Angie's party kicks into gear upstairs. She sympathizes with Jack about Irritable Bowel Syndrome. He hisses that it was the chair and spins to walk away. In doing so, he runs smack into D'Fwan, who titters, "I hope you're not this clumsy on the dance floor." Jack finally gives up, saying the producers can portray him as clumsy, gay and flatulent if they wish, because he has nothing to be ashamed of. He accepts D'Fwan's invitation to dance and busts out enough straight, white-guy moves to convince D'Fwan of his heterosexuality. Ironically, this only makes Jack insist that he's a fantastic dancer. To wit, he played Maria in an all-male production of West Side Story at Princeton. Yep. That happened. And Jack is still very secure in his masculinity.

Across the room, Pete finds Jenna slugging back a glass of wine. She claims she explained herself to the interventionist, and they had a good chuckle. And yet! The interventionist appears and explains that Jenna clocked him with a wrench. Jenna says she'll never go to rehab in Minnesota, throws a glass of wine in his face, grabs a bottle, and makes tracks.

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