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Sex Bomb

Lemon: Thanks, Jack.

It's Not Unusual
Jack: Now go in there and grab Carol. You take him to one of those unisex bathrooms, pull down that baby diaper changing thing, and go to town on him!
Lemon: I'll try, but if I couldn't get it done in Vegas after a Penn & Teller show, I don't know how it's gonna happen here.
Jack: Wait a minute. You had your problem with Carol in Las Vegas?
Lemon: So?
Jack: The Tom Jones Poster. Tom Jones plays Vegas all the time. He has billboards everywhere.
Lemon: No kidding, there was one right outside our... hotel room window. Oh my God!
Jack: Think back to your college boyfriend. Was there any...?
Lemon: Yes! When this happened with Joel, "What's New Pussycat?" was playing on the bus we were on-- I mean the room we were in. And when it happened with Dennis he had just gotten a perm!
Jack: Tom Jones is the trigger. He makes you remember your mother taking the people away.
Lemon: Does this mean I'm fixed?
Jack: Oh, God no. You've got years of therapy ahead of you -- probably electroshock. But this is a breakthrough, Lemon. And a big one.
Lemon: Jack Donaghy, in my book, you're better than Reagan.
Jack: I appreciate that, Lemon, but if you ever speak ill of Reagan again, I will smack those teeth straight.

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