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Losing Your L.U.N.C.H.

At the ballroom of the hotel, Prashant and Joan are making out in front of Lemon, at the table. An unseen voice interrupts, coming from the speakers. It's Jack. He's backstage psyching himself up in the mirror. Lemon turns to Prashant and Joan and asks them to help her warn Jack that his microphone is hot. Prashant is pragmatic: "Why would we? When a big one falls, four little ones move up." Jack is still at it on the microphone, and the whole ballroom is laughing. "Make mommy proud of her big boy because he's the best. You are Jack Donaghy. Titan. Maverick. Lover." Lemon runs backstage and tells Jack his mic is on. The ballroom has heard everything he's said. He collapses to the floor. Lemon pledges to help him. She takes the microphone and runs back onstage. She tells everyone that's she's from the entertainment division, and that she's fooled them with her Jack Donaghy impersonation (I imagine it would sound a little like this). She asks the crowd to shout out more ideas for impressions. "Do Jack Donaghy again," "No." Lemon changes the topic. She does her Slingblade, and then Mrs. Cunningham from Happy Days. She asks a man in the crowd's name, and then what the craziest thing he's heard on the retreat was. He leans in: "Hearing Jack Donaghy on that microphone." The crowd bursts out in laughter. Lemon must do something to top it. She has to go big. If she wants to sell this, she has to go really big. She sings "Everybody Dance Now," and starts to, well, dance. Then she rips her shirt open to reveal her bra. It's like a woman's soccer sudden death playoff celebration, minus any of the appropriate context. The room falls to a hush. It works. The next day in Jack's office he tells her that because of her performance as "the bra lady" his antics on the microphone have been long forgotten. Jack and Lemon make up, and Jack thanks her for the support. "That's what friends do Jack. A-doy."

These are the jokes. A-doy.

Not Right Citizen's Brigade
Retreat Host: "The audience suggestion is Slingblade and Oprah on a date."
Lemon: (as Slingblade) "I sure do like dem french fried potaters."
Jenna: "No you don't, Oprah."

Or Forever Hold Your Peace
Jenna: "If anyone has anything to say to me -- Jenna -- now would be your last chance."
Frank: "Your hands are weird."
Toofer: "I don't think you went to high school."

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