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Revenge of the Wrath of the Nerd
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Did anyone read the New Yorker review of 30 Rock in last week's magazine? I think you should have a more up to speed appreciation of comedy than comparing Alec Baldwin's performance on the show to a Sinatra/Bing Crosby number in "High Society." That's not to say that the writer didn't ultimately like the show from the review but I had to wonder exactly why she did in the end. If you find that the Tracy Jordan character is "annoying" how could you possibly like this show?

The burning question that preceded tonight's episode of 30 Rock -- will this be as funny as The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? I don't mind saying it was close but in the end, leave the comedy to the professionals. Sorry Tina Fey.

We begin. The signature opening shot of the atlas statue with the 30 Rock building standing in the background. Inside, Lemon arrives to work to the chorus of several messages read by Kenneth:

Kenneth: Oh, Ms. Lemon. You have several messages. Ah, let's see, that company running the bike tour in South Carolina says no singles.
Liz: Ok.
Kenneth: Uh, your credit card called. They want to make sure you're the one buying crème soda in bulk.
Liz: I sure am.
Kenneth: And your landlord called and he said, "it's not your toilet, it's you."
Liz: That's his opinion.

The last message is from Gene from Liz's high school reunion committee inviting her to attend the event. Lemon wants no part but Kenneth is, as always, eager about the prospect. He flashes back to his class reunion which looks a lot like my college reunions and that doesn't sound very strange until you consider I attended an all black, all male college. Kenneth greets his old classmates: "Hey there, Michael. Oh my god Bill Baer!" and then rather coldly, "Hello Teniqua," who in exchange runs a finger down his chest. Tracy and Jenna are also big high school reunion enthusiasts but it does not do a thing to convince Lemon to attend.

Jack dangles keys in front of a photographer trying to get Kathy Geiss to look at the camera for her CEO picture to be published on the cover of the quarterly reports. She's holding an etch-a-sketch that reads "Kathy=CEO" and is standing next to a toy unicorn. Even though Jack does all the work, Kathy is the recognized head of the company and it's been as such ever since Don Geiss fell into a coma at the end of last season. Kathy does something odd... wait, odder. She stares out the window and claws her hands against the glass. Something is brewing and Jack thinks he knows. Just then Don Geiss wakes from his coma and tells the nurse "get me Jack Donaghy."

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