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Revenge of the Wrath of the Nerd
Tracy is back on the elevator with Kenneth and a crowd of people including Grizz and DotCom. "Hey elevator what's this?" and Tracy lifts his shirt and taps his belly. "A ghetto mating call." Most everyone's disgusted except for Grizz and DotCom who howl with laughter. Two men dressed almost identically step on at the next floor and Kenneth remarks, "wow, I didn't get the memo." Everyone chuckles. He accidentally bumps arms with a woman standing beside him. "Gee, by a guy a drink first." People chuckle even more. "This place is bigger than my apartment," says Kenneth and everyone, even Grizz and DotCom, lose it in a fit of laughter. Tracy's not laughing.

Lemon walks into her high school reunion to the sounds of INXS. She's looking quite good and struts to the bar. It's just like Tupac -- all eyes are on her. It turns out to be more like Tupac than she could have guessed because those eyes upon her are murderous. She spots her old high school tormenter Kelsey Winthrop, who now looks like a mom that chain-smokes and is on the verge of a divorce. Lemon says hello adding, at Kelsey's amazement, "Yeah, surprising. But cocoon, then flap flap flap. Butterfly." Kelsey interrupts Liz's self-adulation admonishing her for even coming. "You made life a living hell for everyone here." There's a flashback to the same high school scenario Lemon played out in her head before. She's in front of her telescope only this time Kelsey walks up to ask her "how's the telescope?" "I don't know Kelsey, how's your mom's pill addiction?" smacks back Liz. Back to present day and Lemon doesn't understand. She was the wronged party. She was the nerd. In fact she was the bully and her nickname was "the White Haven witch." A thunderous "Lemon!" rings out off camera and another one of Liz's classmates has to be forcibly stopped from slapping Lemon in the face. The woman points to a dot on her chin. "This is a beauty mark but you thought it was funny to say that God pooped on me." Kelsey's facial tick reemerges and the two angry ladies run off in spite. At the bar sit a group of regular Joe's, bread-winning family men and more than likely Reagan Democrats. One discusses his mulch business. He works hard and doesn't answer to anyone. Jack overhears this and asks quite plainly "are you happy?" He's got a trampoline so the answer is yes. Lemon finds Jack to tell him about her newfound perspective on her high school years. Another classmate, Rob Sussman, walks up to accost her. Rob is, to the point, effeminate in his ways and asks Lemon rhetorically "still think I'm 'gayer than the volleyball scene in Top Gun?'" Lemon insists that they were friends; that her ribbing was just to make it more comfortable for Rob to come out. "Come out of what? I'd like you to meet my wife, with whom I've raised three beautiful dogs!" When Rob gets very angry, he dances, which he does just now by launching into a perfect scissor step jump onto the dance floor. Jack continues to chest thump about the brave ordinary Americans that now surround him. He is in envy; he wishes he were one of them. On cue approaches another classmates of Liz, but not for her, for Jack. Well not exactly for Jack. "Larry? Larry Braverman?" he asks Jack. It's a case of mistaken identity and Jack does not miss a beat. "Yes. I am Larry Braverman."

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