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Revenge of the Wrath of the Nerd
Liz's classmates hover around Jack, now known simply as Braverman. Apparently this Braverman fellow was Dylan/Brandon cool in high school. He even owned a Camaro but, explains Jack, it broke down from having too much sex in it. Lemon confronts him before he can go outside with the rest of the gang and do donuts in the parking lot. She's more determined than ever to make friends at her reunion and prove herself as a kind, generous woman. "Go away Lemon," says a woman passerby. "No way new friend."

Tracy goes to Jenna in her dressing room. He warns her about Kenneth's play for power but Jenna is not alarmed. "Kenneth's harmless. You know, we're the big dogs around here. Hey, let's go throw a big tantrum about the air conditioning." Tracy chokes up. "That sounds really nice."

Back at the reunion Jack (as Larry) is approached by a kind faced woman by the name of Jessica (FYI, that kind faced woman happening to be Donna from The West Wing). He never answered her letters. Jack plays along. He alludes to the most intimate details between the two with a shrug and a "you know ... the things." "Say what you said to me that night on the lake," asks Jessica and then Jack leans in and cinches another Emmy nom for Baldwin. He raises his hand to her cheek. "No."

There can be no story about a high school reunion without an awkward dance scene, but to 30 Rock's credit they don't oversell it. Lemon joins the dance floor with her old classmates rocking out to Animotion's "You're My Obsession," a song that describes perfectly my relationship to Alan Rickman. Lemon apologizes but gets cut off by Kelsey and birthmark face. They want her to scram but Lemon tries to prove she's a good time by dancing awkwardly like her classmate Diane, also on the dance floor. Lemon fails to notice that Diane only dances awkwardly because of a leg brace. "What is wrong with you?" asks Kelsey in a fit of disbelief.

Jenna steps on the crowded elevator with another woman who asks for Kenneth to hit floor four. "Next stop Kansas City," he retorts and the elevator crowd looses its stuff. "They should put you on the show," responds the woman between a fit of laughter. Jenna's face tightens instantly and she starts singing "Wind Beneath My Wings," spelling out every note. Kenneth then begins a sing-a-long of "99 Bottles of Beer" and all the other passengers join in the fun. Jenna doesn't think it's fun. She finds Tracy. "Kenneth is a monster." "We have to stop him!" yells back Tracy.

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