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Your Sandwich, My Heart

Hrm, no prologue this week? Alright.

Jack sits in front of Don Geiss's hospital bed reading from the big book of communism. Geiss is still in his sugar driven coma and Jack is desperate to waken him -- even enough to yell out "Hillary Clinton is President!" I awake from my coma and also my Jeremiah Wright nightmares but Geiss doesn't budge. Ever since the puppet regime of Banks and Don Geiss's daughter have taken over the business Jack has been forced to cut his own cantaloupe in his new office on floor 12. Floor 12 for Christ's sake! ["FYI -- The TWoP staffers are on 14... it isn't quite that bad. Close though." - Angel] Meanwhile at TGS HQ Lemon announces to the whole staff that she got a surprise call from ex-boyrfriend Floyd. His flight back to Cleveland on JetFun got canceled and he needs a place to crash. Pete's response, "Jet Fun, is that the one with the foot baths?" is answered by Jenna: "Oh no that's AirBike. They also have in-flight pornos and NBC news." Lemon interrupts, as well she should, and asks for advice as to whether or not she should play Bob Newhart circa 1980s to Floyd's Newhart special guest of the week? That's a clear reference right? Because Bob owned an inn in his '80s television show and special guests would always book a room there overnight, like Ruth Gordon. Anyone? Well Lemon wants to be top dog which, according to Jenna, requires that she pretends to be doing great. "For once I am not going to be Jan Brady. I'm going to be Marsha dammit," and she is immediately struck in the nose by an errant football. Before she can scream Marsha three times she smells a sandwich and runs off.

Frank explains to an inexperienced nerd the history of sandwich day. One day out of the year, every year, the teamsters buy Italian sandwiches with dipping sauce from a secret location in the outer boroughs, where they live, and share them with the cast of the show. We see the teamsters handing out sandwiches enthusiastically to the anxious cast including the main sandwich guy Brian Dennehy. Brian Dennehy is one of the top 5 living American actors in case you didn't know. There is no sarcasm there.

Jack cleans out his office in front of pony loving Kathy Geiss. Jonathan is heartbroken. He's made Jack a collage titled "Jack 4 Eva" but Donaghy dismisses it and begins to walk away. Jack feels cornered now that Banks is affectively running things but he has no place else to go. Jonathan asks, "what about your friends in the Bush administration?" "Has it gotten that bad?" Jack wants to know. "I'd rather work for an American car company than jump on that sinking ship." "I will remember you ... He sings Sarah McLachlan's greatest song (pipe down "Building A Mystery" fans) and Jack's eyes say bewilderment. He rushes to the elevator, hitting 12 with embarrassed ferocity but Lemon jumps in at the last moment. I do admire how much of the actual 30 Rock the show uses. These are the actual elevators folks. And the people on 12? Trolls. Lemon asks him why he's going to 12 but Jack lies and gets off on the next floor.

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