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Your Sandwich, My Heart

In the writer's room Tracy and the rest of the gang have devoured their sandwiches but they're still hungry. Grrr, still hungry! They take a fix on Lutz who is eating gentlemanly slow. You see Lutz is the Gay Vito of the show now, having lost loads of weight. He can't eat his food fast because of his surgery but when they move to attack he swallows it. The gang focuses their attention to Lemon's empty office. Empty but for a sandwich. Frank warns of the consequences of taking Liz's food -- FLASH to Lemon yelling "where's my mac and cheese" then flipping over the conference table. They attack anyway and surprise, surprise Kenneth is there to witness it all with shocked expression.

Floyd saunters onto the TGS set behind a curiously well-dressed Lemon. She's got her red dress on and when she and Floyd begin talking Pete cues a spotlight and wind machine from the upper balcony. Floyd is impressed, so much so he asks her out to dinner "at that barbeque place you puked at." "You'll have to be more specific," retorts Lemon who laughs and turns into Jenna.

Commercial break. Commercial take: This What Happens in Vegas movie? If it's anything like the "what happens in Vegas" commercials I'll be laughing until I throw up -- from the laugh pills that the MTV Films executive slipped into my extra large cola.

Lemon walks into a silent writer's room and after a half a second throws objects against the wall. "Where's my sandwich!" Everyone starts blaming everyone else but Kenneth pipes in, again, and takes full responsibility, again, this time for the missing sandwich. "I don't know how, but you're going to get me another sandwich or I'm going to cut your face up so bad you'll have a chin. You'll all have chins!"

Jack steps onto the 12th floor met by a lady with an eyepatch. He runs back to the elevator and back to Don Geiss's hospital room. He screams "Wake up" louder than Win Butler. Jack spills it to coma Geiss how tough the sudden loss of stature has been on him. "I've given everything to this company but now I feel as if maybe I should quit?" "You have to leave," says a strange and strained voice from out of nowhere. Jack turns around and at the door is an orderly from the Kill Bill hospital. Jack asks what happened to his voice and apparently he was hit by lightning as a child. "They made a movie about me." Powder maybe? Not important. But it's these pointless rejoinders to scenes that makes 30 Rock the best network television comedy. Sorry Office. "You have to leave GE," says the orderly, again quite ominously. He's actually talking about Geriatric Extended Care but Jack looks to be plowing into a deeper meaning. "I have to leave GE," he says.

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