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Jack welcomes Lemon, Tracy and Jenna to Season Four -- the hottest new Asian Fusion restaurant in Manhattan. The waiters present what is literally a hot dog covered in cheese and wrapped in a crepe. It's called a Cheesy Blaster, and Lemon, of course, knows the jingle. Tracy objects to this low-brow fusion fare. Jack responds that that kind of elitism is exactly why he's brought the crew here. With the parent company struggling financially, he thinks TGS needs to reconnect with Middle America and gain back some much-needed viewers. He even accuses Tracy of becoming distant from his audience. This thought troubles Tracy. Jenna offers to record a country music album to get some publicity for the show. Apparently it's just as good as going gay for that purpose. Jack okays the twang-tastic PR stunt, and makes a toast to winning back the "real America" and its homespun family values. Methinks Lemon will be donning a half-up beehive and some Kawasaki 704 glasses any day now. Credits.

As they leave, Jack pulls Lemon back to ask her when she's going to move forward with the talent search for a new cast member. He claims Tracy (who's burning money... again) and Jenna (who's simultaneously hooked up to at least two wireless devices) aren't relatable to Middle America. Lemon is reluctant to add more work (and high jinks, no doubt) to her load, but Jack insists.

Inside 30 Rock, Pete is unenthusiastic about scouting a new actor. They vow not to tell anyone (i.e. Jenna) so as to avoid any hazing rituals and/or violent abductions. (See below.)

Upstairs, Kenneth approaches Jack about the new Page policy. Under "Comrade Obama's recession" (Jack's words, natch), the company can't afford to pay overtime anymore, so Pages are no longer allowed to work more than 16 hours a day. Kenneth has no problem working the extra hours for free, he just doesn't want to taint the Parcell family name by signing an inaccurate timesheet. He says his family is synonymous with honesty and then recites a yokel phrase to prove as much. God bless Jack McBrayer and his flair for dialects... I don't even know how to transcribe that, but it's worth a watch. Trust. Jack tells Kenneth that everyone is making sacrifices in the current economic climate. He tells Kenneth he can report, and be paid for, a truthful timecard when the money is available. For now, just sign the damn thing. Kenneth glumly signs, then spits out another unintelligible -- though I'm sure wisdom-laden -- phrase from back in the hollers.

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