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Later, Jack returns to 30 Rock in a limo and must cross the Page picket to get in.

Upstairs, he sees Lemon and loudly asks her how the talent search is going. She says it's horrible, what with all the lying and the accidental knee-knocking with Pete under the tiny comedy club tables. She starts to ask Jack exactly what he's looking for, but cuts off when she sees Jenna strut up in her Daisy Dukes, straw hat, and cowboy boots. Jack tells her she's going to record a rollicking new sports theme for the network. Jenna lets out a hearty "Yeehaw!" Lemon wonders what sports they're even carrying these days. Jack: "Oh, off-season tennis." He starts walking off and says he'll need Jenna the whole day.

Lemon follows him, protesting that midweek rehearsals are very important. They stop walking when they see packages, flowers, pizzas and befuddled delivery men encircling Kenneth's desk. Lemon wonders where he is while the phone rings off the hook. Jack explains the situation, and Lemon calls bad form on taking a bonus when others' paychecks were being cut. Jack tries to answer the phone and fails, so Lemon suggests he give them their overtime out of his bonus. He vows to end the strike post-haste. He walks off, leaving the phone on speaker. From it, we hear Tracy's voice desperately describing his environment. There's a tunnel and a man in uniform and a dog. "Oh," says Tracy, "it's sunny!"

We find him walking downstairs. He has literally just gotten out of the building. God knows how long it's been. He's wandering around like an Alzheimer's patient who's cut loose from the nursing home. He approaches a series of people and asks one bizarre, rich person question after another. It goes predictably awry. (See below.)

Upstairs, Jack meets with Lenny the P.I. (a.k.a. Steve Buscemi!) to run down his options for shutting down the Page strike. Lenny offers to go undercover to infiltrate the Page union and take out Kenneth from the inside. "They used to call me 'The chameleon, '" he assures, "Because of my slender frame and big, wet eyes."

Writers' room. Lemon looks for her wallet. Pete suggests she may have left it in a friend's car the night before. They have another ineptly cagey, transparently sneaky conversation in front of the entire staff. Frank calls them out on their weird behavior. He's noticed them leaving together, then saw Lemon in front of a comedy club. Pete tries to deflect, screaming, "Uterus!" But Frank jumps to the obvious conclusion: They're "doing it." Lemon awkwardly agrees, proclaiming that she and Pete are "intercoursing each other."

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