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Secrets And Lies

Tracy asks Lemon what time his flight to Japan leaves so that he can accept his Pacific Rim award, but Lemon tells him that he'll never make it in time. Fine. Tracy says he'll accept the award via satellite at 4 AM in the morning, right after his cruise on a gentlemen's barge is over. He wants his kids to see their dad win something for a change. He also wants Jenna and Josh by his side -- his "background players." Jenna is fed up, not at Tracy, but at Liz, who gives Tracy anything he wants while she has to ask Kenneth to chase out a rogue squirrel in her dressing room.

The hoax of the Pacific Rim continues that night when Tracy gives an acceptance speech to an unplugged camera in front of Lemon and Pete with Jenna and Josh standing either side of him. He thanks his wife, his kids, this Josh dude, Liz Lemon, the bald-headed guy setting up the camera (Pete), and one very special blonde lady..."Shelley Long you are truly an inspiration to me. I know that!" He closes by thanking the Japanese for their cultural gifts of karate, karaoke, and Shark Attack. Then he rips down Jenna's dress. Jenna is humiliated. "How could Tracy not thank me?" she asks Liz later in her dressing room. She's fed up with not getting any attention at work and decides the only way for her to get noticed is if she starts acting like Tracy.

When Pete informs Lemon of how much a terror Jenna has become since adopting her "act like Tracy" policy. Lemon goes to her dressing room and is let in by David Bowie from the Aladdin Sane album. She has a new entourage: Sasha, Patrice, and Master Alexia, and they read Lemon a new one, which is like tearing someone a new one if you happen to be gay and not a high school football coach. Jenna will rehearse but only if she feels like it.

Later, Kenneth asks Lemon where to find the office for the new writer on the show, Master Alexia. Also, Tracy can't believe Lemon allowed Jenna to take off in the middle of the day and now he wants to talk like a robot during the entire next show. Fed up, Lemon tells Jenna off by letting her know that she's actually been the most difficult cast member on the show, and Liz has been coddling her this whole time. Jenna's award for Mystic Pizza is actually just a cookie baked by Lemon to boost Jenna's self-esteem. "You get jealous of babies for their soft skin," she says. "And how much attention they get," reminds Jenna. Every day is a fresh hell, says Lemon, and she doesn't eat or sleep right thanks to Jenna and Tracy, but mostly thanks to Jenna. Jenna thanks her vigorously, kissing her on the face for such kind words.

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