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Liz: I couldn't even hold it together one week. I'm not you, Jack. I can't have a heart attack and pretend like it never happened. I can't break up with someone and immediately recover. I'm not you. I'm just me.
Jack: Lemon, don't ever say that you're 'just you.' Because you are better than 'just you.' And I am not going to let you give up. This is going to be our year. Now give me the ham.
Liz: I like the ham.
Jack. C'mon.
[Liz hands over the ham. Jack then offers his hand and pulls her up.]
Liz: A four-thousand-dollar ham napkin.
She walks off. Jack picks up her train and follows her.
Liz: I look pretty, though, right?
Jack: Don't push it, Lemon.

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30 Rock




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