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Back in her apartment, Lemon suspects that something is amiss about their new Arab neighbor friend, but Pete doth protest, citing how Raheem repaired his toaster and showed him a back way to the airport. Lemon persists, despite not wanting to sound racist "that Pita Pocket might be a terrorist." I hate it when The New York Times deconstructs every fucking thing.

Lemon spots Raheem treating a children's playground like a military obstacle course while another Arab fellow videotapes it. "What the what," she exclaims, and when they spot her spying over at them, their faces grow grim like the one-hundred nuclear suns in the voice of the prophet. Lemon sulks away but is confronted by a series of public awareness signs that read, respectively, "If You See Something, Say Something," "If You Suspect Anything, Do Everything," and "We Don't Poison The World, Terrorists Do: a message from the Sheinhardt Wig Company."

Lemon rushes into Jack's office where he is conferring with his assistant, the very brown-skinned Jonathan. "I think my Middle Eastern neighbor is a terrorist and I don't know what to do." Jack feigns outrage at her suggestion until Jonathan exits, and then he gives Lemon the number of his guy at Homeland Security. What follows is a completely self-referential crushing of the fourth wall involving Verizon cell phones and the WGA strike. Tina takes the direct approach on-camera, asking NBC for the money. I don't really laugh, but my brain does.

Meanwhile, Pete and his buddy Raheem are going out to celebrate since Raheem has just completed some big project that he's been working on. "Soon, everyone will know the name Raheem Haddad," he seems to warn. Pete wants a high-five and Raheem reaches to hug him. After they leave, Lemon calls Jack's contact at Homeland Security.

The next day Pete complains to Lemon that Raheem has gone missing, but when he accuses her, she threatens to place another phone call. He backs off. When she arrives home later, there is a package waiting for her from Raheem. It's an audition tape for The Amazing Race made by him and his brother, who jump around on it like giddy schoolgirls, screaming "we love America."

Lemon sees Raheem in the hallway of her apartment building, and he details his torture at the hands of shadowy American operatives. He has so much anger inside that now, he wants to do something "spectacular" with it. Lemon smells maple syrup, and Pete pops out with a stack of spectacular-looking waffles.

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