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God Vs. McDonald's

Kenneth's date of a thousand deceptions is nearing its end. Jennifer thanks him for a wonderful time, but Tracy isn't done. He decides to be Eros, not Cupid: "It doesn't have to end here, y'allsey's!" Jennifer takes the cue and drifts closer for a kiss from Kenneth, but he begs away and then finally comes clean. He tells her that this isn't right, and she hears his voice for the first time. "Kenneth, why do you suddenly sound white?" she asks. He tells her all about Tracy -- that those words did not belong to him. Jennifer asks to know what the real Kenneth would say to her, and he obliges: that she's the sweetest, prettiest, blindest girl he's ever met. She tells him that he's beautiful on the inside, and then asks to feel his face. She puts her hands on Kenneth's hair, his cheeks, and on his chin. That's when she starts to look worried. She feels her chin in contrast, and then back to his. "Oh, look at the time. [Blindly looks at an invisible watch.] I forgot I have a-- a thing." She turns and walks away. Tracy can't believe it. "That is cold, blind lady." He tells Jennifer that she really isn't all that attractive, either. "No, I'm pretty sure I'm hot," she tells him. Tracy quickly agrees, as do I. Kenneth can only look on dumbfounded. Even a blind woman gets to call you ugly if you're from the South. I think that's the lesson.

Back at the church (she's still in church!), Elisa is handed the donation plate and pulls out a coupon for a McFlurry. She takes it and leaves for McDonald's, the one in Union Square. Dr. Baird exits his dead mother's hospital room to thank Liz for sticking around and supporting him. He bids her good night, and Lemon closes in to kiss him. "Um, Liz? You know my mom did just die." Liz tells him she has a funny story to tell him as they walk out. Back at what is clearly the Union Square McDonald's -- the one next to the Heartland Brewery -- Jack orders a McFlurry. Elisa does the same, from behind him, and Jack turns around in surprise. She tells him that the McFlurry coupon she found at church was a sign from God. Jack believes it was a sign from corporate America. Maybe it's God, or maybe it's Ray Kroc? Either way, they kiss and make up. Jack spots Lemon and Dr. Baird walking past the McDonald's front window: "Boy, I hope that guy's not planning to kill her and eat her."

Did you know that "ha-ha" in Spanish is "ja-ja"?


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