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30 Rock. Frank walks into the writers' room, where Jenna introduces him to her friends: Sasha, Michael and "Gay Michael." Sasha has only one question for Frank, accented by a disdainful hand flourish: "Why?" Frank's latest hat reads "WET TO ACTIVATE," BTW. Frank walks away to bitch to Cerie that he's had just about enough: "How can a dude in a midriff dominate me like that?" Cerie says she actually likes them and might join them in their Halloween plans, since The Gays have the best Halloween parties. Frank suddenly realizes where all the girls have been all these Octobers past. Cerie regales with all the highlights of the lesbian porn-esque shenanigans that happen when straight girls hit up gay parties on Halloween. Frank's eyes grow increasingly larger as each images flashes in the fluid-stained theater of his mind.

Moments later, Frank rushes in to abort the latest prank Toofer and Lutz are executing. He tells them his devious machination to crash Jenna's gay party so they can hit it up with all the blacked-out straight girls they can wrap their chubby (or spindly, in Toofer's case) arms around.

Georgia. Lemon is clutching the toilet and wondering whether she should repent for the time she stole a hot dog from a blind guy. Jack enters to hand her some "Peppy Bismilk" that the receptionist (Travis) brought her. Lemon lashes out that she hates how everything is different down South. Jack throws it in her face that she hates the receptionist -- "choir member, Desert Storm veteran, father of three... I made all that up, but you get my point." Lemon is far too ill to parse regional predilections with him. Jack turns on the sympathy for about five seconds by rubbing her back with the closest broom available. Then he says he has to make his way down to The Laugh Factory to scout talent. Lemon objects, but Jack promises to find someone perfect for his Middle American viewers.

In the comedy club, a ventriloquist -- played by Jeff Dunham and his redneck dummy Bubba J -- is on stage, and it goes a little something like this:

Redneck Dummy: Hey Rick, what's the differ'nce between yer girlfriend and yer truck?
Ventriloquist: Ah don't know, Pumkin, what is the differ'nce?
Redneck Dummy: Yer truck don't yell at yoooo ever'time ya git gas!

Jack laughs hysterically and rises for a standing ovation. In the back, a mustachioed Kenneth clone smiles in approval. Commercials.

30 Rock. Frank asks Jenna what the whole gang is doing for Halloween. She says Sasha and The Michaels usually have a big party. Frank pretends that he, Toofer, and Lutz are having one, too, then suggest they combine the parties to have one big mega-party in the studio. Jenna is on board, so Frank throws up the horns at her. She continues to act down, all, "Yes! That gesture! I like people who... make do that!" Needless to say, the gays are displeased with this turn of events. Particularly Bitchy Sasha, the spokesgay. Jenna assures him it's all part of her insurance for when the new cast member arrives. Bitchy Sasha the Spokesgay tells her to read his face and throws out a facial expression that is equal parts shock and contempt. As if struck by fuschia lightning, Jenna understands.

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