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Subway Hero

"Morning Jack," beams Lemon as she enters his office. Jack cuts to the chase, as so often is the case in these first scenes. He wants her to attend his "Committee to reinvade Vietnam" fundraiser for John McCain because there are not enough chicks. Lemon declines. But Jack is still counting on those few Republican celebrities to attend and add some glitz to the right wing party. He also asks her to book "the subway hero" on the show, a man who jumped on the tracks to protect a perfect stranger from an oncoming New York transit train. Jack flips on the television. It's Lemon's ex-boyfriend Dennis Duffy with mayor Mike Bloomberg at a live press conference at City Hall. "Thank you mayor Bloomberger," says Duffy. "I accept this award on behalf of every ... Stern rules! Ba-ba-booey!" The beeper king is back.

Duffy opens up a 99-cent store probably in Chinatown. Lemon appears and asks him to appear on TGS to his delight. Duffy fancies his and Lemon's relationship as that of star crossed lovers but Lemon just sees him as the one guy she dated who has met Chris Hansen while Chris Hansen was on the job. Still she insists that he come on TGS with her. "I don't know. Getting lots offers from news and dancing programs. But how can I say no to you?" He wants to see where this crazy Dennis/Liz roller coaster ride takes them. Then he rubs her head like a pet.

Back at Jack's empty office major TV star Bucky Bright is waiting to Jack's surprise. Bucky was a major star in the '40s, '50s and in the Fall of 1972. Bucky is played by Dorf on Golf's own Tim Conway, and where there is Tim Conway Harvey Korman can't be far behind. Bucky is there as the celebrity guest for the John McCain fundraiser but Jack is unimpressed and confused by Bucky's near complete lack of star appeal. Interesting that they would choose Tim Conway for this role. At least Buck Henry got to play Lemon's father. In walks Kenneth who looses it like he's just seen Hannah Montana. He's a tremendous Bucky Bright fan. Kenneth walks Bucky back to the elevator and is charmed by Bucky's fond reminisces of golden age television when the men wore classy suits to work with top hats and a monogrammed pocket to carry your opium knife and switchblade. "I'm sorry what now?" troubles Kenneth but Bucky is already leading his arm wanting a tour of his old stomping grounds.

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