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Kenneth is startled to find Bucky still wandering the hallways of NBC a day later. He never went home. Instead he spent some alone time in the studio, his only encounter being with a sad lesbian named Conan O'Brien.

Tracy is dancing up and down to "We Didn't Start the Fire." He's either trying to shake off his blackness or discover the out of tune Republican inside of himself. But the CD skips when Billy Joel gets to "Richard Nixon" and when he tries to fix it with a screwdriver an electrical shock causes him to pass out. Suddenly Tracy's wearing all white in what appears to be a heavenly waiting room, or the set from Defending Your Life that time forgot. Next to Tracy is Richard Nixon, played by Alec Baldwin. Incidentally, Dan Ackroyd, you're safe. Nixon tells Tracy he's in purgatory. That he can't die because "his party" needs him. Then Nixon introduces Tracy to the G.O.P.'s other great black entertainer Sammy Davis Jr., played by Toofer. Again I say, Billy Crystal you're safe. And that's hard for me to admit. Sammy and Nixon want Tracy's help. He has to save the Republican Party. Tracy snaps back into consciousness and declares "I got a mission!"

Lemon admits to Jenna that she enjoyed her dinner with Duffy the night before. She knows he's no good news but so is junk food and that's a lost cause too. At the same time Duffy raps to Jack about the most important lesson he learned when he became a hero. "Follow your instincts more." He steps into the wardrobe room for his photo shoot and barks orders to the fashion stylist. "Those suits are wack. I want a leather jacket with a gold and dark skeleton T-shirt and a pork pie hat for my head." Seems like Dennis could stand to put on a few Charlie Mingus records. Duffy lets Jack know that he knows what he wants and that want is Lemon, who he stares at from the other room. And in that other room Lemon, munching on Mexican Cheetos, tells Jenna she's comfortable with Duffy because she doesn't have to try hard when he's around her. In fact she doesn't have to try at all. "If you give in to it you just start to feel kind of numb and warm and then you just get sleepy." "That's exactly what they say it's like to freeze to death," answers Jenna.

Tracy finds Jack to tell him that he's down for that whole Republican Party thing. They share an embrace. I can't imagine this is any different than when Lieberman did it. Jack wants to shoot commercials right away for the McCain fundraiser.

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