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The Uncanny Valley

Jack has Lemon in tow for a liquid lunch with some upper management types and Lemon has gone full throttle where booze is concerned. She's tipsy and lippy to all the guys who seem to love her zingers. Jack brings up GE's 4-year $10 million dollar investment in creating a new microwave start button to which Lemon absently chimes in "I kinda like the old one." "Button classic, I love it," says Jack and the rest of the table follows suit. Lemon just saved the company $2 million.

Tracy sits hunched over the table in his dressing room scribbling disjointed notes on random pieces of paper. The classical music plays ominously in the background and Kenneth warns that the work is consuming him. Tracy is committed to inventing something his son will be proud of. Hornberger interrupts demanding to know why Tracy isn't in wardrobe. "I am inventing a porn video game." "Let this man work. No one is to disturb him." Frank is convinced it is an impossibility, otherwise he would have invented it a long time ago and as he tries to peer into the dressing room Kenneth closes the door on him.

Lemon struts into the suddenly morose writer's room wearing a power suit and a lot of attitude. Hornberger pulls her aside to say she can't take a job with corporate but Lemon whips out a piece of note paper that has his starting salary if he were to take the job she'd offer him once Jack has succeeded Don Geiss. Pete slaps her silly, immediately accepting. Later at the strip club Lemon meets Don Geiss. "Aren't you the gal who pioneered the button classic campaign?" Don complains about his blood sugar dropping.

Tracy is fast asleep covered in the notes and ideas for his pornography video game. Frank walks in as Kenneth leaves and he quietly picks up a piece of paper from the desk. "My God ... he's a genius," Frank cries. What brilliant and inspired burst of creativity could Frank have been reading on that piece of paper? We'll never know right? Think again. I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy. That's all I'm at liberty to say.

At the strip club which is really just the TGS studio (these people never leave the office) Jack is starting to feel sorry for Banks who sits across the room moping and completely non-erect. Jack talks to Banks, warning him not to marry Geiss's daughter Kathy. Jack thinks he's miserable because of all the women and straight guys but its really because Banks was told by Geiss that he would not be named successor in favor of Jack. Meanwhile, Lemon brings back Geiss a dessert for his poor blood sugar level only to find him seemingly dead, sprawled out on the couch. She can't wake him no matter the try. "Ahh blurrrgh!" she cries. Tina Fey has invented a wonderful new word and I mean that. Back with Jack, Banks who is wearing a cream sports jacket but with a American Gladiator Nitro's shirt underneath, is ready for him to gloat but Jack extends an olive branch. "I just want you to know. I hate/respect you." Banks reciprocates. Lemon pulls Jack away and tells him about Geiss.

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