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The Uncanny Valley

W.A.S.P. affection
Jack: "Hugging ... so ethnic."

I can't really tell you why I think this is funny. It just is.
Jack: "Once they cast Clay Aiken in Spamalot I knew it was only a matter of time before you showed up here."
Banks: "Oh when I'm living here, and running this company, I'll go see him every week. Until Spamalot closes ... or he leaves the show."

Buffalo area adult entertainment spokesman Scott Woods
"The hottest girls from New York's top boob shacks are moving their brassieres."

Banks reaches way inside the metaphor grab bag
"That was so easy. Like taking candy from one of those guys who gives out candy in gay night clubs."

"History's greatest perverts have tried: Walt Disney, Larry Flynt, the Japanese."

Minus most athletes of course?
Lemon: "I'm feeling pretty drunk."
Jack: "Well it's business drunk. It's like rich drunk, either way it's legal to drive."

Silent Comedy Award Goes to Chris Parnell running in slow motion in his cape through the hallway to save a multi-millionaire's life but not before stopping to buy pretzels from the vending machine that tipped over on Hornberger.

Polymorphously perverse
Tracy: "My genius has come alive, like toys when your back is turned. I see potential for erotica in everything around me. This cup. This table. Even you Kenneth."
Kenneth: "Well, I am wearing a cuffed trouser today."

Dr. Leonard Spaceman, MD
"We have no way of knowing where the heart is. You see every human is different."

No-Prize Winner
So tough. So, so tough. You can almost give it to Tracy every week but he wasn't playing alone in this one. He was playing off someone here and that someone was Frank. From his charted theory about the "uncanny valley" to his renunciation of pornography, Judah Friedlander has made me almost entirely forget about him being in that Dave Matthew's Band video. Sort of like how Danny DeVito is still a little person. Good night!

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