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Taking the Piss

Jack and Tracy nod heads at Tracy Jr.
Dr. Spaceman: Okay, whew!

Wench Quench
Lemon: Brian is gay, Jenna. The drama did not make him want to move out.
Jenna: Well of course not. Drama is like Gay Man Gatorade, it replenishes their electrolytes.

Priceless Junk, Indeed
Jack: The Geiss name used to be synonymous with success, power, funny incidents where women died at barbecues. Now it's being dragged through the mud. This is why I'm having a vasectomy.
Tracy Jr.: Yeah, but look at that picture. He had some good times with his kids, too. That junk is priceless.

One Man's Garbage, Another's Green
Kenneth: Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you the greenest person at TGS, Mr. Frank Rossitano. He never wastes anything. I've seen him eat from the trash.
Frank: What's a trash can but a big salad bowl filled with trash?

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