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Elsewhere, Lemon looks wistfully at a picture of Drew. Jenna comes in for a supportive conversation. Of course, it turns out that Lemon is talking about Drew, but Jenna is, of course, actually talking about her hair.

Over in Jersey, Tracy's family has abandoned him, too. He calls for Kenneth but instead gets a weeping Cranston.

Kenneth marches up to Jack to put an end to this madness. He pours himself a scotch as Jack makes the hard sell for his mercenary tactics.

Down in Studio 1A, Jenna is live with Meredith Vieira, touting her selflessness. Just as the stylist makes the first cut on Jenna's hair, Meredith brings up the fact that Tracy reportedly quit over a contract dispute. She spells out that that means Jenna is the only star left on the show. Jenna flips her shit and runs off a live TV show set with the sole snipped lock in her hand, desperately searching for some glue to reassemble her broken self. Oh, honey, it's going to take a whole lot more than glue...

Upstairs, Pete is freaking out, because there are only three hours left until they go live. Jack updates him that Tracy is in the building, and the ball is in Kenneth's court. Out in the reception, Tracy finds Kenneth and asks whether "Cranston" has relayed his messages. Kenneth stone faces that yes, "Cranston" has. Tracy says no matter, he's just come to get a few of his things (which are, apparently, a courtesy potted flower and a box of tissues). He lays it down to Kenneth that, if he walks out that door, it's oh-vah! Kenneth cracks under the pressure and confesses everything.

Jack walks out to intervene. He initially gives Kenneth the easy treatment, then informs him that he is fired because, with Tracy gone, he no longer has a place here at TGS. Tracy falls onto the sword and offers to come back to save Kenneth. Jack's wily plan has succeeded!

The next day, Lemon finds Drew leaning sultrily on a motorcycle, waiting for her to return. He apologizes for acting a fool at the tennis court. In turn, she apologizes for throwing him in the icy cold waters of ugly before he really knew how to swim. He speaks a bit about rain on your wedding day and a free ride when you've already paid before inviting Lemon into The Bubble with him. Regrettably, that free ride into The Bubble is via his motorcycle. Lemon sees bloody calamity written all over that one and tells Drew it's not going to work out between them. They say their goodbyes, and he rides off, haltingly, into the sunset -- or at least a massive vehicular accident.

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