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Hey, Good Lookin', Don't Poison Me with Your Cookin'

Fake Bill Cosby: Tracy, this is Bill Cosby...
Lemon [whispering]: Really? This is your strategy?
Jack [whispering and smiling]: I heard him do this at a party!
Fake Bill Cosby: ...I want you to come back to the TGS for the people who like the jokes and the things.
Tracy: Bill Cosby, you got a lotta nerve gettin' on the phone wit' me after what you did to my Aunt Paulette!
Fake Bill Cosby: I think you're confusing me with someone else.
Tracy: 1971. Cincinnati. She was a cocktail waitress with the droopy eye!
Fake Bill Cosby: I'm the guy... with the pudding...
Tracy: Don't try to tell me what to do! Heathcliffe Huxtable, wit' yo' light-ass kids! Jack! Why would you make me talk to this man?
Jack: Tracy, wait! [Deepens voice slightly.] Tracy this is Billy Dee Williams, I just wanna say I love your work, it's very smooth... [Lemon groans and walks out.]

Jack: Kenneth, I need your help. You know Tracy quite well, wouldn't you say?
Kenneth: Oh, I know Mr. Jordan like the back of my stepfather Ron's hand. I know all of his ATM pin codes. I know when he's cranky and needs his binky. I know that by "binky" he means 1970s pornography...

Follicular Discrimation!
Meredith Vieira: We are back with sketch comedienne Jenna Maroney.
Jenna: Thank you, Meredith, but please, I'm not a hero. I'm just trying to raise awareness that I'm more than just "that hot chick" on Tracy Jordan's show.
Meredith: So this is for Locks of Love?
Jenna: Oh no, Locks of Love turned me down. They said my hair was too processed for a sick person to wear. But this is for a wonderful charity called Merkins of Hope!

Morrisette, Table for Two
Lemon: Okay, maybe I shouldn't have done that to you, but you have so much potential.
Drew: But I'm happy this way. I didn't like it outside The Bubble, Liz. It was very ironic.
Lemon: No! It wasn't! That's not how you use that word.

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