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A fully-bearded, long-haired Jack wakes Lemon with an early morning call to gloat about his exotic vacation on Paul Allen's yacht with Avery. He tells her they basked the entire time in "The Three S-es." One is surf, one is sun, and would you care to hazard a guess at what Lemon thinks the third will be? Two points if you guessed sandwiches. That's my girl! Jack rhapsodizes a bit about how Avery is the perfect women -- "a combination of Bo Derek and Barry Goldwater" -- before acknowledging that his summer of love is about to give way to work mode. He asks about Lemon's summer. She tells him her gynecologist committed suicide. Click.

A second later, Lemon's "doorman to the sky" boyfriend Carol (Matt Damon) calls to tell her he's piloting a flight home from St. Louis, then has only a few more Jersey stops (apparently Newark to Atlantic City is popular on the black bachelorette party circuit) before he'll be back in New York. They hang up, and the phone rings yet again. It's Tracy, who promises to give 110% this year. She says that's great, and Tracy realizes he misdialed and called her instead of his nutritionist. Says Lemon, "Okay, season five, here we go." Credits.

Jack's office. He goes over the budget with Lemon and Pete, reminding them they have to cut expenses and maximize profits to ease the transition to life under Kabletown. Some line items, including an ever-expanding wig budget for Tracy and some mandatory five-year upgrades on Jenna's contract (because nobody ever thought TGS would ever make it that long), are driving up the budget unnecessarily. Pete notes that Jenna will now receive a producer credit. Jack assures Lemon it's a meaningless designation, but Jenna obviously doesn't think so as she strides in for "the producer's meeting" and demands eye contact. She has been counting down for this day like so many pervs waiting for Miley Cyrus to turn legal. Big 6-0!

It's Kenneth! And he's back at 30 Rock! Tracy approaches to give him his daily list of chores, including learning the ins and outs of martinizing at the dry cleaners and making the bathroom sweet-smelling before Tracy wrecks it again. Ah, but it was all a cruel tease! As soon as Tracy stops jabbering, Kenneth says, in a difference voice, "I'm not Kenneth, sir." Cut to confused Tracy, cut back to an entirely different Page named Brian, who has to remind Tracy that Kenneth was fired after his drunken display of love last season. Tracy pretends he understands what this not-Kenneth is saying to him.

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